LA Times April 14 2021 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers April 14 2021

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  • Treble symbol
  • “Do the __!”
  • Toppers with visors
  • Siri’s Amazon counterpart
  • Felipe of baseball
  • “The Thin Man” canine role
  • Monument on one end of the National Mall
  • Cathedral recess
  • Expected-in hr.
  • At first, say
  • Falsehood source
  • Rice-like pasta
  • Eleven-yr.-old insurance law
  • Singer of the 2019 #1 hit “Señorita”
  • Mall cop’s ride
  • “Brava!”
  • Schoolbook
  • O. __
  • __ rub: BBQ spices
  • One with a need for speed
  • Bread spread
  • Bro’s sib
  • Mexican state south of Veracruz
  • Local political gathering
  • “Acid”
  • Capricorn critter
  • Poker variety
  • Chosen groups
  • Watched
  • File format for digital books
  • Upscale restaurant’s offering
  • Christian on a label
  • “Marriage Story” actor Alan
  • “We didn’t do it”
  • Tall tale
  • Itchy red area
  • Foe found phonetically in four puzzle answers
  • Lavish party
  • Film segment
  • Many a Zeiss product
  • Shine
  • Toy retailer __ Schwarz
  • Meditation word
  • __ mater
  • Piggy in a crib
  • “It’s weird, but just do it”
  • Ecological levy
  • Himalayas locale
  • Education orgs.
  • Bargain hunter’s delight
  • Patrick __, Vermont senator since 1975
  • Cinq plus six
  • Words to an old chap
  • Sole
  • Had __: was still in the running
  • Songwriter Green
  • Nixon’s first veep
  • Razzie Award adjective
  • Hot rod attachment
  • Management bigwigs
  • Highly coveted violin
  • Right that isn’t right, e.g.
  • Paleo __
  • Tortellini topper
  • Five-armed ocean creature
  • When a football may be snapped
  • Springfield bar
  • Old Testament prophet
  • Exorcist’s target
  • Jacuzzi effect
  • Kylo Ren’s mother
  • Composer Stravinsky
  • Criteria: Abbr.
  • Best of the Beatles, once
  • Word on U.S. coins
  • At it
  • __ carte
  • Omaha-to-St. Paul dir.