LA Times April 16 2019 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers April 16 2019

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  • “The Big Bang Theory” network
  • Uncertain
  • Peek at someone else’s test answers, say
  • River to the Caspian
  • Where to find a hero
  • Rental document
  • Opera songs for one
  • Part of
  • Ready for action
  • Farewell performance
  • Award-winning sci-fi author __ Ellison
  • Chess match finale
  • Summer camp craft
  • Neuter
  • Squinter’s wrinkles
  • Done with employment: Abbr.
  • Cathedral recess
  • Go off course
  • Lively Irish dances
  • “Steppenwolf” writer Hermann
  • Lyre-playing emperor
  • “Much __ About Nothing”
  • Broadway partner of Rodgers
  • Reuben bread
  • Hidden danger
  • Honey-colored
  • Big rigs
  • Track’s inside track
  • Songs of praise
  • Easy-peasy task
  • Sports stadium
  • Jellystone Park bear
  • Actor Miller of “Justice League”
  • Watchful period
  • Keen
  • Sets eyes on
  • Lawn-trimming targets
  • Ballpoints
  • Banned insecticide
  • Used “colorful” language
  • “Doctor My Eyes” singer Jackson __
  • Light lunches
  • Strong suit or weak sauce
  • African desert fox
  • Criticize harshly
  • Yang complement
  • Purify
  • Find out about
  • Keen-sighted sort
  • Between ports
  • Seagull kin
  • Won’t go away, as an odor
  • __-Coburg: former Bavarian duchy
  • Mooring rope
  • Foes of robbers
  • Many a reggae artist
  • Corn serving
  • Romantic dinner complement
  • “To clarify … “
  • Quick punch
  • Swearing-in words
  • Big fat zero
  • Drops the ball
  • Formidable opponents
  • Church books with many notes
  • Sudden pull
  • Small skullcap
  • Connect to an outlet
  • Drank to excess
  • Hardened (to)
  • Dinner, say
  • Corrosive compounds
  • Cover with asphalt
  • Like the Mojave
  • Jackknifed into the pool, say
  • Chatter