LA Times April 8 2021 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers April 8 2021

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  • #1 Toto song that mentions the Serengeti
  • Whittling, for one
  • Wavy patterns in some op art
  • Cool one’s feet at streamside, say
  • Attempted coup participants
  • Stretching muscles
  • Iowa State city
  • Many an 18th-century painter
  • Low-quality
  • CFO’s degree
  • Intelligence org.
  • Form close ties (with)
  • “Let’s have at it!”
  • Point
  • Circle segment
  • Palm fruit … or what the creator of this puzzle’s theme apparently is?
  • __ dog
  • Classic Pontiac
  • Not moving
  • Desires
  • Bellows of “The Agency”
  • Dessert order
  • Flower holders
  • Environmentally concerned
  • Old Venetian judge
  • Catching a glimpse of
  • Source of an organic fiber
  • Most cunning
  • When Rome wasn’t built?
  • Weighty reading
  • Guiding principles
  • Film lover’s TV option
  • Pay, as a bill
  • It may be fried or puffed
  • Piece of rebar, essentially
  • Suppress, in a way
  • Part of NAACP: Abbr.
  • Jaguar, e.g.
  • Genetic molecule
  • Actor’s rep.
  • Parade staple
  • Closed
  • Data storage medium
  • Country club employee
  • Stretches on a couch?
  • Some can be used forever–but only once
  • Signs
  • In the neighborhood of
  • Overblown critique
  • Elaborate entryways
  • Physician wearing a pink ribbon, perhaps
  • Like potato chips, often
  • Showed up
  • Farm measures
  • Curly slapper
  • Crime boss
  • “That’s well within my abilities”
  • How to receive a freebie, perhaps
  • Yo-Yo strings?
  • Official doc.
  • Belief system
  • In the previously mentioned work, briefly
  • Connection point
  • Initialism for Tom Brady, according to most
  • 2000s toon heroine __ Possible
  • Tiny
  • CIA predecessor
  • Finger Lakes locale: Abbr.