LA Times August 13 2019 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers August 13 2019

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  • Not fatty
  • Polynesian carving
  • Ebenezer’s partner Marley
  • Luxury hotel name
  • Word before rock or rain
  • Run off to wed
  • *Cafeteria queue
  • Chickens (out)
  • Dr. Mark Sloan portrayer in “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • Flower holder
  • Harsh treatment
  • Rio Grande city
  • Buckeye State
  • Vane heading
  • From scratch
  • Drums held between the knees
  • How wet hair hangs
  • Australian hub, in itineraries
  • *Non-glitzy local tavern
  • Quattro meno uno
  • Part of a mug shot profile
  • “I’ll handle it”
  • Like early-morning golf greens
  • Self-important type
  • “Lovely” musical meter maid
  • Maven
  • Unwrap with gusto
  • Rank above maj.
  • Device used to record aerie hatchlings
  • “Better late than never,” e.g.
  • Takeover endeavor … and a hint to what can precede each word in the answers to starred clues
  • Desert drifts
  • Taiwanese PC giant
  • Word game piece
  • Lauder of makeup
  • Lays down a lawn
  • Worry obsessively
  • Bit of cybermirth
  • Earthbound bird
  • Gothic novelist Radcliffe
  • Words to pacify a pooch
  • Shire of “Rocky”
  • Christmas eave decoration
  • Bighearted
  • Think tank nugget
  • Tiara sparkler
  • “Aladdin” prince
  • *Corporate retreat with team-building activities
  • Try to block
  • Give
  • Charlemagne’s realm: Abbr.
  • Doubles partner who’s not serving
  • Steals from
  • Crow’s-nest call
  • *Basil sitting on a sill, e.g.
  • Sidekick
  • Final Olds made
  • Bro or sis
  • Laudatory lines
  • Sonora snooze
  • Supporting
  • Delivery vehicle
  • Memorization method
  • Israeli diplomat Abba
  • Emmy-winning scientist Bill
  • Gives a cue
  • Ten-year period
  • Book after Genesis
  • Prepared, as coffee
  • Maker of tasty “pieces”
  • Cupcake finishers
  • Achievement for a duffer
  • Transcript nos.
  • Bonkers
  • “That’s surprising”
  • Beyond tipsy
  • Many a microbrew
  • Archery wood