LA Times December 9 2019 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers December 9 2019

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  • “Georgia on My Mind” singer Charles
  • Party music mix, briefly
  • Keep from having kittens, say
  • “Big Band” and “Jazz” periods
  • Easily fooled
  • __-in-one: golfer’s ace
  • Career-boosting political spending on local projects
  • Speaker sound
  • Smitten
  • Dancer Duncan
  • Thurman who played The Bride in “Kill Bill” films
  • Chill in the air
  • Pos. opposite
  • Amateur radio hobbyist
  • “Cats” poet’s monogram
  • Chief Norse god
  • “Great” dog
  • Zeros
  • Polite address to a woman
  • Creme-filled cookie
  • Rx
  • Paltry sum
  • Madison in NYC, e.g.
  • Polite way to address a man
  • Positive vote
  • Aspen getaway
  • To a greater extent
  • “There you have it!”
  • Issue’s most important element … and a hint to 17-, 30-, 36- and 47-Across
  • Leave out
  • Prefix with sonic
  • Sunrise direction
  • Sport played on horseback
  • Africa’s Sierra __
  • Sgts.’ superiors
  • Change the wall color
  • Excites
  • Football play measure
  • Forensic evidence
  • Glass container
  • iPhone assistant
  • Tie, as a score
  • “I have to know!”
  • Prison knife
  • Cornmeal dish
  • “__ the President’s Men”
  • “I agree”
  • Slide on the road
  • Word of mock sadness
  • Wild hog
  • Swiss watch brand
  • Friends in Lyon
  • + or – particle
  • Opposite of post-
  • __ a kind
  • Commercials
  • Yukon automaker
  • “__ to you, matey!”
  • Many a techie
  • Bare-naked Lady
  • Variety show hosts, briefly
  • Sushi tuna
  • Postal service
  • Word before vows or status
  • Most wicked
  • Leaves
  • Syrup brand since 1902
  • Impressive sight
  • Quik maker
  • Convenient bag
  • Director Preminger
  • “__ be in England … “: Browning
  • Floor cleaner
  • Broody music genre
  • Geographical direction suffix
  • Daisy __: Li’l Abner’s wife