LA Times February 19 2020 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers February 19 2020

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  • Low poker pair
  • Mus. key with three sharps
  • Nigerian seaport
  • Greet with fanfare
  • Pizza Quick sauce brand
  • “You’ve got a friend”
  • First name in scat
  • Region where broadcast reception may be poor
  • Mix
  • Former Soviet leader Brezhnev
  • Progress at a faster rate
  • Prefix with tourism
  • Navigation technology, briefly
  • Brooding genre
  • “Spartacus” Oscar winner
  • Bowler’s pickup
  • Amtrak express
  • Army rank last conferred in 1950
  • Breakout game developer
  • Pool triangles
  • Sent a message, old-style
  • Rock’s Ocasek
  • Grow older
  • Thorn __, former Virgin Records owner
  • Riot control weapon
  • Arizona MLBers
  • Dig find
  • Automatic functions in most cars, and what can be found in this puzzle’s circles
  • “Ciao!”
  • Take in eagerly
  • Yule tune
  • Saroyan’s “My Name Is __”
  • Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album
  • Looking like rain
  • U. of Maryland athlete
  • Roald Dahl novel adapted as a 2016 Disney film
  • Big hit
  • Gretzky’s first NHL team
  • Word on the street?
  • Canine greeting
  • Tarnish
  • Like gymnasts
  • Capital near Glacier Bay National Park
  • Property claim
  • Dark purple berry
  • Plant custodian
  • Vein contents
  • Briny expanse
  • Neil Gaiman’s “American __”
  • Get rid of
  • Latin 101 verb
  • Circle dance
  • Cuba libre mixer
  • Racecourse shape
  • Chemicals carrier
  • Treats, as a sprain
  • Drought-plagued
  • Get an “Oh no” from Alex Trebek, say
  • Inevitable end
  • Tabloid couple
  • Stamp, as a passport
  • Teri of “Tootsie”
  • Vaping device, familiarly
  • Mark on metal
  • Puck-handling skill
  • Shining brightly
  • Instrument for The Romeros, a classical quartet
  • Pitch tents
  • Regarding
  • Tuned to
  • Very dry, as Champagne
  • Nile vipers
  • H.S. dropout’s test
  • __ de cologne
  • Scone go-with
  • Surreptitious