LA Times January 25 2020 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers January 25 2020

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  • Moisture-catching linings
  • Barbecue crust
  • Period that included the Civil War
  • Place with rolling pins, perhaps
  • Making a plea
  • Present opener?
  • Have the chutzpah
  • Farm structure
  • Word with interest and error
  • Farm structure
  • Date night convenience
  • Pauses
  • “Femina Cup” (1910s contest) competitor
  • Turn
  • Informal “Right?”
  • Ball, e.g.
  • Links legend
  • It’s above lead on tables
  • Ring of Saturn?
  • Hash ingredient
  • Makes even more gross?
  • Plural possessive
  • Leo is one
  • Jalopies
  • __ wolf
  • Nasty current
  • R&B family name
  • Caps on a protective vest
  • FundaciĆ³ Joan __: Barcelona museum
  • Family member
  • Blocks off
  • Level
  • Gerald Ford and Glenn Ford, e.g.
  • Blues first name
  • Intermediary’s compensation
  • They often have runners
  • Succeed in
  • Contest form
  • Estate unit
  • __ the line
  • “Dang!”
  • Part of the Enterprise’s power source
  • Diamond of song
  • Bond classic
  • Decline
  • Leverage
  • Early code name?
  • Alphabetically second on a list of U.S. state capitals
  • Put back
  • Curse
  • All in
  • Whopper you can’t eat
  • Ever so slightly
  • Not remotely fresh
  • Flees in a panic
  • Like eight Supreme Court justices
  • Chasing, with “of”
  • Artificial intelligence framework
  • __ Torino: 1970s Ford
  • Bacchanalia
  • Beneficiaries of a 1944 bill
  • PAC’s election season purchase
  • “30 Rock” creator
  • One-third of dodeca-
  • No longer forced to deal with
  • Sherlock’s foe Adler
  • Term in Old West and hip-hop culture
  • Indian garb
  • Chirpy bird
  • Keyword in Newton’s second law
  • Texting partner, like, srsly!
  • Ford product