LA Times July 12 2019 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers July 12 2019

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  • Getaway spots
  • Prefix with phobia
  • 2012 Best Picture
  • Subside
  • Place to start an IV
  • Accessories
  • Yeats’ birthplace
  • Dissect in class, in a way
  • “To share, or not to share?” food brand
  • Butters up, maybe
  • Long-haired cats
  • Prefix with -gon
  • Zip
  • Fill in
  • Wintergreen family herb
  • Once called
  • Assigning to, as blame, with “on”
  • Multitude
  • Hoppy brew, briefly
  • Search tools
  • Apple platform
  • Formal addressees
  • Factions in “West Side Story”
  • Word in family business names
  • Former CNN journalist David
  • Misunderstanding metaphor
  • Pick up
  • Bird seen in only one state
  • Letters near zero
  • Germane
  • Like some doubts and injuries
  • Polish for “dumplings”
  • Less experienced
  • Football’s “Boomer”
  • Inflation-indexed U.S. savings bond
  • __ Marino
  • W-2 info
  • Country spelled with the only nine letters used in this puzzle’s answers
  • Trickle
  • Last of three Catherines
  • Far East fruit
  • Ranking
  • Settling down
  • French fat
  • Anthem word with an apostrophe
  • Parks in American history
  • Corno Grande’s range
  • Early personal milestone
  • Word in medicine that sounds bad but is often good
  • Infatuated
  • Spanish medals or metals
  • Take potshots
  • Loud ringers
  • Biscotti flavoring
  • Jacques of PBS’ “Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home”
  • Does
  • Goes back and forth
  • Long periods
  • So yesterday
  • 1493 Lisbon arrival
  • Only Mexican state that borders Baja
  • Composer Rachmaninoff
  • They get carried away
  • “Night Moves” singer
  • Scrubbed, as a launch
  • Cut back
  • Parrots
  • City on the Arno
  • Hold back
  • Supermodel Sastre
  • Loch of note
  • Silly look?