LA Times July 22 2021 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers July 22 2021

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  • Sprayed in defense
  • “Your point being?”
  • With 65-Down, toon sister of Castor
  • Biscayne Bay city
  • Zen garden swimmer
  • Richard Parker in “Life of Pi,” e.g.
  • Critical care MD
  • Tall or dark: Abbr.
  • Composer who, as it happens, died in March (1932)
  • Browser list
  • Luke, to Anakin
  • Drops off
  • Short jackets worn open in front
  • Oscar night VIP
  • Actor Brynner
  • Poor, as odds
  • Offer, as a guess
  • And others, in Lat.
  • Broccoli rabe
  • Place to find a date … and any one of four in this puzzle (circled letters are hints)
  • Co-star of Meryl in “Death Becomes Her”
  • Raise, as crops
  • Executor’s charge
  • “__ said!”
  • Sculpture medium
  • Author Elmore __
  • Calls the shots
  • Brand at Petco
  • Clue suspect count
  • Saint __, one of the only two sovereign nations named for women
  • Intimidating look
  • Civil War prez
  • “Heaven forbid!”
  • Hopping mad
  • “ASAP!”
  • Strike zone?
  • Pasta product suffix
  • Pink-slip
  • Eldest von Trapp child, in the musical
  • Tussaud title: Abbr.
  • Ventilates
  • Detroit founder
  • Ham it up
  • Chefs, at times
  • Alias letters
  • Auction actions
  • City where Grey Poupon originated
  • NHL tiebreakers
  • Putting on a pedestal
  • Exotic pet
  • “Casino Royale” Bond girl __ Lynd
  • Undid
  • Costa del __
  • Like seven Nolan Ryan games
  • Tournament edge
  • Fathered
  • Hand for Julio Iglesias?
  • Bay Area county
  • 1976 Michael York/Jenny Agutter sci-fi film
  • Ersatz intellectual
  • Membership list
  • Phils and Nats
  • “Spamalot” co-creator
  • Pump numbers
  • Jazz guitarist Montgomery
  • Inventor Otis
  • Two-__
  • Part of BLT
  • Chick-__-A: fast-food chain
  • Not at all spendthrifty
  • Greece : Artemis :: Rome : __
  • Food recall trigger
  • Console with a “360” second generation
  • Prefix with gram or graph
  • Flock female
  • See 9-Across