LA Times July 4 2020 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers July 4 2020

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  • Reward for giving, perhaps
  • Usually not eligible for tenure, as a professor
  • In sum
  • Heedless of the consequences
  • Dug
  • “The Meyerowitz Stories” co-star
  • Xenomorphs, e.g.
  • Switch positions often
  • Razor handle
  • Uses for snoozes
  • Not lots
  • German article
  • Out of __
  • Range makeup: Abbr.
  • Make official
  • Tandoori bread
  • “Looks to be the case”
  • Safari, say
  • Au naturel
  • Racing Unsers
  • Lectured
  • Mate
  • Flabbergast
  • Sch. with a Phoenix campus
  • “Ashes” (2018) singer
  • Shaky start?
  • Things to pick
  • Like some dramatic refueling
  • Some tech sch. grads
  • Hip
  • 2010s TV series that explores hacktivism
  • More than vex
  • Opposite of a scenic route
  • Frames on a diamond
  • Whole number
  • Drying agents
  • Standing acclaim, at times
  • Mosaic piece
  • “__ tu”: Verdi aria
  • Pete Seeger wrote a book on how to play five-string ones
  • Brown in the kitchen
  • Jell-O serving, say
  • Strong core components
  • Fall loosely
  • 1, at times: Abbr.
  • Food and Nutrition Service org.
  • Minnesota Wild, for one
  • Mullahs or ministers
  • Very tough boss
  • Deferentially
  • Dancer’s boss, informally
  • Cry
  • Irrelevancies
  • Katmandu native
  • “The Chi” airer, briefly
  • Blue
  • Beseeched
  • 20th Greek letter
  • Sign with a crossed-out horseshoe-shaped arrow
  • Take a licking
  • “__ Like You”: Adele hit
  • __ SpĂ­ritus: Cuban city meaning “Holy Spirit”
  • Polecat relative commonly kept as a pet
  • Team listing
  • Using WhatsApp, say
  • Fire engine feature
  • Highway behemoth
  • Both ways at the start?
  • Man cave, for some
  • World Cup “Way to go!”