LA Times October 10 2019 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers October 10 2019

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  • Gold rush storyteller Bret
  • Saints’ org.
  • Word pronounced like its middle letter
  • “The Lion in Winter” co-star
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski, notably
  • Participated in a pub crawl
  • Cleanse (of)
  • Afore
  • Video game pioneer
  • Sch. playing home games in the Sun Bowl
  • “Shadows of the Night” Grammy winner
  • Numbs, as senses
  • Bilingual TV explorer
  • File menu command
  • Seiko Group printers
  • Mountain myth
  • Flower location
  • Placating words before a confession
  • The Eiger, for one
  • Scott who played Chachi
  • Supplement
  • Snowblower brand
  • Schedule
  • “Borat” star __ Baron Cohen
  • New and improved
  • Vegetable with Golden and Chioggia varieties
  • San __, California
  • “Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” singer Chris
  • __-di-dah
  • Upset … and what can be found in the four other longest answers?
  • Nonworking time
  • Twain of country
  • Bigger copy: Abbr.
  • Place to retire
  • Over
  • Indignant reaction
  • Savored the flattery
  • Short poems
  • Playdate participant
  • Hamburg’s river
  • “I don’t wanna”
  • Woman in Progressive ads
  • One of 12 on a sitting jury?
  • Tough dogs
  • Deferred payment at the pub
  • Impress deeply?
  • 1994 Costner role
  • Go over
  • Get lost in a book
  • Ticked off
  • Lumber (along)
  • Bath time plaything
  • “Grimm” actress Turner
  • Wonderland cake words
  • Elitist sort
  • Harry Potter’s potions teacher
  • Fleming and Holm
  • Incline
  • Hardly lively
  • “Lemme __!”
  • Precious
  • Many a middle schooler
  • Most sparsely populated European country
  • Inexpensive knockoff
  • Consequence of wearing a cap too long
  • Low soccer score
  • Sleuth Wolfe
  • Some spammers
  • Two-legged zebras
  • 1975 Wimbledon winner
  • Non’s opposite
  • Coffee server
  • Phil Rizzuto’s retired number
  • Chewie’s pal