LA Times September 15 2021 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers September 15 2021

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  • Wine, with “the”
  • Athletic gripper
  • 5 mL, in some recipes
  • Big state
  • Believer in karma
  • Order from a stool, maybe
  • Delighted
  • Cartoon collectible
  • Back-combs
  • __ sock
  • Last one in, competitively
  • Folklore cave dwellers
  • Jipijapa hat, familiarly
  • Call it a day
  • Stephen Hawking’s journalist daughter
  • Mouth-watering reaction?
  • Forest female
  • Not online, briefly
  • Delighted
  • Bit of wordplay
  • Eastern principle
  • Theater parts
  • Listen to
  • Log-in need
  • The “P” in TAFKAP
  • “No doubt”
  • Kept from leaking, in a way
  • Spun flax fabric
  • Sear and simmer
  • “__ dreaming?”
  • Delighted
  • Prefix with dairy or fat
  • Math calculations
  • Mild oath
  • “Affirmative, cap’n”
  • Like survey questions with two boxes
  • Stick-on decoration
  • Trailblazer in the muscle car category
  • Gun for a race
  • Tool that’s swung
  • At some point during a trip, say
  • Great regard
  • Storage furniture
  • Margarita garnish
  • Ten-time all-star Slaughter
  • It may be about nothing
  • Sushi choice
  • Delighted
  • Be in a bee
  • Doesn’t measure up
  • “It __ familiar ring to it”
  • Word on a French passport
  • Took off
  • Dern or Linney
  • Delighted
  • Bank heist unit
  • One of the deadly sins
  • Comics punch lines?
  • Sandwich seller
  • Unit of perfume
  • Wrapped up
  • Packers home
  • Voldemort’s title
  • It’s unlimited with some rentals
  • Take in
  • Forked over
  • Didn’t dawdle
  • Comedian Glazer
  • Longtime Shatner co-star
  • Affirmative playground retort
  • Tourney passes
  • Horse of a certain color
  • Old-timey “before”
  • Ms. __-Man
  • Acronym for unabashed intimacy
  • DKNY competitor