LA Times September 16 2020 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers September 16 2020

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  • “We’ll tak __ o’ kindness yet”: Burns
  • Made, as a tunnel
  • “Oh, no you __!”
  • Item inspected with a flashlight, perhaps
  • Commute but not pollute
  • “We’re broadcasting” sign
  • Remaining
  • John McClane in “Die Hard,” e.g.
  • Have something
  • Ont. neighbor
  • Lips sound
  • B sharp equivalent
  • Weapon that stuns
  • Promise not to prosecute
  • Peeper
  • RSVP facilitator
  • Junk __
  • The Game of Life pieces
  • Wreck room?
  • Rely (on) for support
  • Kitchen tool brand
  • “You got it”
  • Brown or pale order
  • “The Jungle” author
  • Friend of Natalie, Jo and Blair on “The Facts of Life”
  • Indication of a Realtor’s success
  • Put back in the hot oil
  • Article in the L.A. Times?
  • Email address part
  • What an X may mean
  • Sea level shift
  • Con artist’s asset
  • Speaker’s spot
  • Homey lodgings
  • Don José in “Carmen,” e.g.
  • Vote of agreement
  • Showbiz “grand slam” comprising the awards found in the circled letters
  • Allstate competitor
  • Bring up to speed
  • Govt. building flier
  • Vet’s patient
  • Enjoy, as a restaurant
  • Monroe plays one in “Some Like It Hot”
  • Birthstones, say
  • Daytime talk pioneer
  • Like much beer
  • Seductive aspect of the Force
  • Strategic math game
  • Sample
  • Ludlum spy Jason
  • 24-hr. stores next to many BP stations
  • Wharf
  • Half of seis
  • Does as told
  • Sicilian smoker
  • Seacrest of morning talk
  • Mother’s Day month
  • Annoyed look
  • Trade show
  • Totally collapse
  • Hindu title
  • Island garlands
  • Short-stemmed brandy glass
  • App buyers
  • White gold et al.
  • Glasgow guys
  • Verdi’s penultimate opera
  • Lassie, for one
  • Emulating cavalry members
  • “That’s awful!”
  • A-bomb tryout
  • Movie guru with his own grammar
  • Sports rep.
  • To be paid
  • Vote of disagreement
  • Game no one wins