LA Times September 23 2021 Crossword Answers

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LA Times Crossword Answers September 23 2021

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  • “The Giving Tree” author Silverstein
  • Gravelly voiced sort
  • Top (out)
  • Ritzy
  • City on the Rio Grande
  • Flamenco dancer’s cry
  • Org. mandating eyewash stations
  • Canvassing technique
  • Animals in a herd
  • Face value
  • Org. with 132 Pulitzer Prizes
  • Initiation rite
  • Tear up
  • Batter’s stat
  • One hanging around in the forest?
  • Give and take
  • “And fly, __ evil intercept thy flight”: Milton
  • Title teacher in a James Hilton novella
  • Kipling’s “Follow Me __”
  • Insect dating from the Jurassic era
  • Board, as a bus
  • Darling of baseball
  • Daughter of Cronus and Rhea
  • Becomes clear
  • Digs
  • Stadium shout
  • Linked in a way illustrated by three pairs of puzzle answers
  • Hardwood with an edible seed
  • After
  • ’60s-’70s Pontiac
  • Venetian Renaissance painter
  • Mystery-solving Wolfe
  • Virtual-city denizen
  • Strips in the freezer
  • Torah holders
  • __-mo
  • Muzzle
  • What some Woodstock attendees eventually became
  • Seize eagerly
  • Go over again
  • Cockeyed
  • Table setting item
  • House disciplinarians
  • Impressive spread
  • One sharing quarters
  • Bullwinkle’s last name
  • Sunburn applications
  • Boomers’ kids
  • Breaks up with
  • Feature of some eyeglasses
  • Pub order
  • Magician’s opening
  • Camera type, briefly
  • Espresso-based coffee concoction
  • However, in poetry
  • Churchgoer, e.g.
  • Mine, in Amiens
  • “Mystic River” Oscar winner Sean
  • Nanki-__
  • Capture
  • Graph lead-in
  • Social functions
  • “The front page of the internet” website
  • Island big shot
  • Chicago Symphony conductor with 31 Grammys
  • Mouthed stadium greeting
  • Narrow groove
  • Benders
  • Shipbuilding wood
  • Toms’ counterparts
  • Questionable political spending
  • Apt. IDs