New York Times April 8 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers April 8 2021

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  • Hidden addresses, for short
  • City in the Rio Grande Valley with a historic namesake
  • Hard ball?
  • Island where it once rained for 331 days straight
  • Emerald is a variety of it
  • Source of a purple puree
  • Weary boater’s welcome sight?
  • Airer of political parodies, briefly
  • Prominent focus for a navel-gazer?
  • A pup is a young one
  • Student ___
  • Flying monsters in Dungeons & Dragons
  • Cry on arriving for a boating trip?
  • “___ queen!” (slangy affirmative)
  • Deep-pocketed
  • Title for the entitled, maybe
  • Bring down by coup, e.g.
  • Input
  • Big gobbler
  • “Adam Ruins Everything” airer
  • Like idols
  • Grab hold of
  • Big meanie
  • Drink originally called “blanc-cassis”
  • Completely retire from boating?
  • Victor who wrote “Odes et Ballades”
  • Having no application
  • When Tatum O’Neal won her Oscar
  • Second staff in many an orchestral score
  • Org. concerned with air bags?
  • Boaters, collectively?
  • Meanspirited
  • Look upon with disgust
  • Galactic conquerors of film
  • Deployed, as a sailor
  • Spoiling one’s attendance record, say
  • Verbal equivalent to a nod of the head
  • Fashion accessories that shed
  • Boss of a bo’s’n
  • Minor performer?
  • Sic legal on
  • “Who we are” page
  • Spring time
  • Beginning of the Constitution: Abbr.
  • “You saved me!”
  • Flamenco shout
  • “A snail can sleep for up to three years” and others
  • Rapper with a hyphenated name
  • All there
  • Category
  • Wins undeservedly over
  • Power point?
  • Upper atmosphere, with “the”
  • Paxil may alleviate it, in brief
  • Exact
  • Language written in the Devanagari script
  • Hardest part of a date
  • Futuristic delivery device
  • Encouraging words
  • Dino : the Flintstones :: ___ : the Jetsons
  • Cut off
  • Bit of publicity
  • The customer’s right, at times
  • Dallas N.B.A. player, in brief
  • A pup is a young one
  • Enjoy oneself festively
  • iRobot product
  • ___ Klebb, Bond villain in “From Russia With Love”
  • 2003 #1 Outkast hit
  • Watery shade
  • Barge haulers
  • That’s some story
  • Physics Nobelist who developed an early model of the atom
  • Psalm starter
  • Wikipedia, e.g.
  • Belly trouble
  • Take in
  • Inflation fig.