New York Times August 12 2020 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers August 12 2020

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  • Emotional low point
  • Weasellike animal with dark fur
  • H.S. students applying to college, typically
  • Solely
  • At full speed, at sea
  • Stolen
  • Animal accompanying Pi in “Life of Pi”
  • Give it ___
  • Basketball Hall-of-Famer Baylor
  • Basis of a negotiation
  • Auto safety feature preventing skidding, for short
  • Cousin of an apple cobbler
  • Advanced photocopier instruction
  • Stiletto, e.g.
  • ___ Heep, “David Copperfield” antagonist
  • Overly
  • Job to do
  • U.S. flag, with “the”
  • Summer drink endings
  • Rome’s ___ Appia
  • Peter, Paul or Mary
  • The Thunderbirds are in it, for short
  • “Dr.” of 1960s TV
  • Biryani or vindaloo
  • Pizzeria owner in “Do the Right Thing”
  • Medicare section that covers X-rays
  • “Mr.” of 1960s TV
  • Tiptop
  • Chart-topping 1970s R&B/funk band suggested by the starts of 17-, 26-, 39- and 50-Across
  • ___ Na Na
  • Something typically found on a spine
  • Opening shot in billiards
  • Golf course purchase
  • Gird (oneself)
  • Full of curses, say
  • Catch in the act
  • Pub order
  • Mafia big
  • “Picnic” dramatist William
  • Unimagined?
  • Genre for David and Amy Sedaris
  • ___ acid
  • Word with sleeping or punching
  • Don’t believe it!
  • Dress in vestments
  • Iconic 1971 blaxploitation film
  • Reference book next to Webster
  • Tale
  • Pride Month initials
  • Had regrets
  • Competitor of Lexus and Infiniti
  • Doodling away, maybe
  • Electric ___ (dance)
  • “What just happened here …?!”
  • Like some lights
  • What might help right a wrong
  • “That feels so-o-o good!”
  • China is its largest exporter
  • Nom de plume
  • Jazz great with an Egyptian-sounding name
  • ___ One (vodka brand)
  • The fourth one was “terrible”
  • Petty quarrel
  • Certain internet option, for short
  • Wooden shoes
  • Longtime “Nightline” anchor Ted
  • Teen ___
  • “Not for me, thanks”
  • “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? ___ cheese!” (dad joke)
  • Horrible fear
  • “___ Mio”
  • Metered vehicles
  • Actress Sedgwick
  • Super success
  • Suffix with Manhattan or Brooklyn
  • Twisty fish
  • Chinese zodiac animal of 2020
  • The limit, they say