New York Times August 16 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers August 16 2019

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  • Forgo Uber or Lyft
  • Maxim, e.g.
  • Story involving Pecos Bill or Babe the Blue Ox
  • Grandmother, in Granada
  • Like a burglar or a ballerina, maybe
  • Website with the popular page r/explainlikeimfive
  • Producer with cameos in “Iron Man” and “Black Panther”
  • What thinning hair might affect
  • “___ Kapital”
  • D.C. fund-raising group
  • Without
  • Blondish
  • Discards in old maid
  • Org. for Big Red or Big Green
  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, for one
  • Digital photo add-on
  • Best-selling author who used an awful lot of commas
  • “That’s … never gonna happen”
  • Protruding nail
  • One with more than two billion followers
  • It might be found on a belt
  • Diamond, on the Mohs scale
  • Number of capitals of Bolivia
  • Critical
  • “You made a mistake,” sarcastically
  • Faddish hairstyle of the mid-2010s
  • One who might get you into hot water?
  • Giving a tattoo
  • Halfway home
  • Samples
  • College party buys
  • Vintage Pontiacs
  • Long blog entry, maybe
  • Skiing mecca in the Rockies
  • It’s a setup
  • Active in determining the outcome
  • Phoebe of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”
  • Cream additive
  • Capital of Bolivia?
  • Fictional raiding archaeologist
  • Second son
  • Bros
  • Mythical enchantress
  • Set straight
  • Los ___, Calif.
  • Foes of Fido, stereotypically
  • Ideal
  • Impertinent sort
  • Dermatologist’s target
  • Who originated the modern image of Santa Claus
  • One out?
  • Eastern honorific
  • Features of many Disney films
  • Craft shop item with a seemingly redundant name
  • Helps for short people, for short
  • Link on a restaurant’s Yelp page
  • Freudian focus
  • “Science made clear,” per Jean Cocteau
  • Track-and-field star Jackie ___-Kersee
  • ___ one
  • Hit 2016 film set partly at sea
  • Cenobites
  • Wrigley brand
  • Activity at un bal masqué
  • Buggy area
  • Stop waxing, say
  • Instrument with metal keys
  • Group with a hand sign, maybe
  • Rival of Ford and Packard
  • Gander : goose :: ___ : swan