New York Times August 8 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers August 8 2022

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  • In no danger
  • Jack who could consume no fat, in a nursery rhyme
  • “___ It Romantic?” (Rodgers and Hart classic)
  • Hairstyle that may be parted and tied into two puffs
  • Big name in toothbrushes
  • Flatbread served with curry
  • Pale pink vineyard offerings
  • Something Santa makes (and checks twice)
  • Go bad
  • “Just ___!” (“Hold on!”)
  • Buddy
  • Wipe out big-time
  • Practice punches with an imaginary opponent
  • Disobey James Bond when making a martini
  • Sound system
  • Choose
  • Manhattan’s Madison or Lexington: Abbr.
  • Stuffiness that lingers in an unventilated room
  • Lends an ear
  • Refreshing summer beverage
  • One experiencing gaps in memory
  • Quirky
  • Vietnamese noodle-and-broth dish
  • Source of seasonal sneezes
  • Metrical foot in poetry
  • Barrel of explosive stuff, or a situation that’s ready to blow
  • Steel support for concrete
  • Title bestowed on Mick Jagger in 2003 (although the queen refused to present the award herself)
  • Oscar-winning Ben Affleck film set in Iran
  • Letters preceding an alias
  • Sulky expression
  • Writings on an album sleeve or jewel case insert
  • Ninny
  • Handy
  • ___ ex machina
  • Soprano’s choirmate
  • A bit buzzed
  • Award for athletic achievement
  • Buffalo’s N.H.L. team
  • Not sinking
  • Tutti-___
  • Greek goddess of the dawn
  • Opposite of reaps
  • One officiating at communion or hearing confession
  • Cattle-raising estates
  • Ginger ___ (soft drink)
  • Atlanta-based TV channel
  • Family member acquired by marrying
  • Catamaran, for one
  • Rap’s Lil ___ X
  • Explosive stuff, in brief
  • Boater or bowler
  • Combined, as money or resources
  • Hopping mad
  • Introductory drawing class
  • Subordinate of a 6-Down
  • Sheriff Andy Taylor’s boy on 1960s TV
  • More, in ads
  • Fourth-year student
  • Evening prayer
  • ___ Bauer, clothing store chain
  • Reindeer herder of Scandinavia
  • “The way I see it,” to texters
  • Toddler’s winter wear
  • Vaccine pioneer Jonas
  • Really rake it in
  • Exit door
  • Dies down
  • Reconcile after a quarrel … or a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 52- and 61-Across
  • Shrill and blaring, as a trumpet
  • “Same here!”
  • 28-Down portrayer ___ Howard
  • ___ Poupon mustard
  • Org. sponsoring school fund-raisers
  • “Wise” bird
  • Biblical fellow with a salty wife?
  • “___ Were a Rich Man” (song from “Fiddler on the Roof”)
  • Poem of praise