New York Times February 14 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers February 14 2019

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  • Flip (out)
  • Dandy neckwear
  • “___ NewsHour”
  • Opera that famously ends with the line “La commedia è finita!”
  • Potion container
  • “Dark Angel” star Jessica
  • Advantage
  • Kickstarter figure
  • Desk tray labels
  • “Dallas Buyers Club” Oscar winner
  • Apprehend
  • Something checked on a questionnaire
  • One of the five founding nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
  • Fat remover, for short
  • Some bathroom postings … or what the clues to 16-, 21-, 46- and 59-Across are?
  • Not stuffy
  • Mason’s tool
  • “Watch it!”
  • Puzzle
  • Part of the Spanish conjugation of “to be”
  • Dune transport
  • Verve
  • First car to offer seatbelts (1950)
  • Ilhan ___, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress
  • Goes from liquid to solid, say
  • Babbling
  • Show with noted alumni, for short
  • “See ya!”
  • Off-roader, in brief
  • Out of the strike zone, in a way
  • Product whose introduction was music to people’s ears?
  • Group of friends
  • Abbr. in a cockpit
  • The Alamo had a famous one
  • “Can you ___?” (classic cologne catchphrase)
  • The planets, e.g.
  • Immune system defender
  • ___ Toby, character in “Twelfth Night”
  • Part of a stove
  • Pakistani restaurant owner on “Seinfeld”
  • Blind spot?
  • “Whither ___ thou?”: John 16:5
  • Milli ___ (1980s-’90s pop duo)
  • “Methinks,” in texts
  • [It’s gone!]
  • Words of empathy
  • When repeated, a classic of garage rock
  • Teeny-tiny
  • Nighttime woe
  • Like the dawn sky
  • Lead-in to load or lift
  • Our: Fr.
  • Overthrow, e.g.
  • Court oath affirmation
  • Morning coat
  • ___ Rockefeller
  • Where to see two runners side by side
  • Serpentine swimmer
  • What to call un hombre
  • State flower of Indiana
  • Candied
  • Heaviest of the noble gases
  • Pepper used in mole sauce
  • Teeth not connected to jaws
  • “And how!”
  • On the briny
  • Elated
  • LG product
  • “Spare” part
  • ___ Wallace, “Ben-Hur” author