New York Times February 15 2020 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers February 15 2020

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  • Drink every last drop from
  • Give a sop to, maybe
  • Was naturally a part of something
  • Street protester or Tibetan monk
  • Duds
  • Largest of the British Virgin Islands
  • Bad vibrations
  • Things picked up on beaches
  • Pipe filler
  • Epoch when modern mammals arose
  • “See you then”
  • Soft leathers
  • Like bodybuilders’ arms
  • Fruity and fragrant compounds
  • Ending with many fruit names
  • Competitor of Century 21
  • Marijuana, in older slang
  • Be in charge of
  • Subjects of baseless charges?
  • Food that’s cured
  • Dangers for swimmers
  • Benchmark test for British students
  • 1960s catchphrase
  • Young hares
  • Takes stock?
  • 21st-century health menace
  • Millinery items
  • Source of running water
  • Chanel fragrance with a French name
  • S.R.O.
  • Units in a horse race
  • Mourn, in a way
  • Cold
  • Hynde of the Pretenders
  • Bob of old children’s TV
  • Theater portmanteau
  • It had a major part in the Bible
  • N.F.L. stat: Abbr.
  • Official proceedings
  • Call on a hot line?
  • British sitting room
  • Draws in
  • Made up (for)
  • Sister of Helios
  • Gets the lead out
  • What are depicted in some blue prints?
  • Knight mare?
  • Jungle herbivore
  • Chewed out
  • Personal agenda
  • Desperate hour
  • Judges
  • “Here, try this”
  • Title for a retired professor
  • Had plateful after plateful
  • Animal hunted in “Lord of the Flies”
  • Site of a western gunfight
  • Third-largest city of the later Ottoman Empire, surpassed only by Constantinople and Cairo
  • Duties
  • Fur
  • Cough syrup amts.
  • Daughter of Loki, in Norse myth