New York Times January 19 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers January 19 2021

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  • Source of the line “The meek shall inherit the earth”
  • Dramatic exhalation
  • One of the two main branches of Islam
  • Something not often seen on roofs anymore
  • World capital on a fjord
  • Collectible caps of the 1990s
  • *Bygone Crayola color
  • Case for small toiletries
  • Superman’s adoptive family name
  • Penthouse perks
  • Org. affected by Title IX
  • Buildup at the mouth of a river
  • Utterly convinced of
  • Do some stitching
  • Large wine vessel
  • Regarding
  • Tools with teeth
  • Narcissistic trait
  • Govt. pill-approving body
  • “___ bin ein Berliner”
  • *Sweet, healthful treat
  • Very long time
  • Melber of cable news
  • Brutish
  • Departed
  • Driving force?
  • Cul-de-___
  • Month après avril
  • Deprived (of)
  • They’re rounded up in roundups
  • Singer Bareilles
  • Citizens of Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Workers’ rights org. since 1965
  • Butting heads
  • *World’s largest terrestrial arthropod
  • Puerto ___
  • Turnpike expense
  • Actor Mickey of “The Wrestler”
  • Pastry decorator
  • Salacious stuff
  • “Hold on … almost …!”
  • Friend
  • Partner of hide
  • Partner of dangerous
  • Disney’s Nala, for one
  • Mickey of the Yankees
  • Like a wink or a nudge, maybe
  • Many sopranos’ songs
  • Part of an archipelago
  • Item waved at a rave
  • “In what way?”
  • Opposite of saves
  • *Sign in a deli window, perhaps
  • Large, herbivorous dinosaur that could walk on two legs
  • Difficult area to maintain control of in the game Risk
  • Perón of Argentina
  • Annoying, ignorable sort
  • The letter “I” in Pixar’s logo
  • “And there you have it!”
  • Storage space under rafters
  • Vent vehemently
  • “The King and I” setting
  • Like many Cirque du Soleil performers
  • *Staple of Japanese cuisine
  • Where visitors may stay
  • “So ___!” (sarcastic retort)
  • Cost of a ride
  • Like some roomy jeans
  • Figure of speech?
  • Childish comeback
  • Word repeated in “___ are ___”
  • “As Seen on TV” channel
  • “My bad”
  • Garment whose name sounds like 54-Down
  • Rights org.
  • Flash of lightning
  • Word that can follow either half of the answers to the starred clues
  • Large tea vessel
  • “You wanna ___?”