New York Times January 25 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers January 25 2022

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  • Smug expression
  • Gentle attention-getter
  • “Fidelio” is Beethoven’s only one
  • Be honest (with)
  • Tide competitor
  • Tongue, but not cheek
  • Make amends
  • Hi or lo follower
  • ___ boson (the so-called “God particle”)
  • General’s responsibility?
  • Foxy
  • “___ Te Ching”
  • In which head shots can be taken
  • Apology from Iago?
  • Take stock of
  • Peculiar light in the sky, in brief
  • Millennium, at the beginning and end?
  • Lure (in)
  • University entrance exam, for short
  • It turns red litmus paper blue
  • 60 minuti
  • Click of disapproval
  • Wears
  • Antitrust concern?
  • Requests from
  • Big name in ice cream
  • Formerly named
  • Editors of crossword puzzles, e.g.?
  • Dagger’s partner
  • “Come as you ___”
  • They may be locked or blown
  • Hooded snake
  • Singer Cooke
  • Country with the highest percentage of vegetarians
  • Reuben ingredient
  • “The Last O.G.” channel
  • One of the Affleck brothers
  • Cabbage dishes
  • Rock genre
  • Highbrow tower material?
  • Home to the Atlantis casino
  • Thieving condors of Mario games
  • Holy ___
  • Pi x r^2, for a circle
  • Bygone
  • “Pick me! Pick me!”
  • One-named singer who pioneered the Minneapolis sound
  • The hundred folds on a chef’s toque are said to represent the number of ways to prepare this
  • Scott Joplin tune
  • T or F, say: Abbr.
  • Corn units
  • :, in an analogy
  • Pellucid
  • Part of a horror film address, for short
  • National floral emblems of the U.S.
  • Date regularly
  • Gross
  • Not seldom, poetically
  • Pleasant whiff
  • Billionaire philanthropist George
  • Defeat soundly, so to speak
  • It has colloquial gestures like “kiss-fist” and “shaking L”: Abbr.
  • ___ choy
  • Miso soup cubes
  • Affirmative or negative, in a debate
  • Medium
  • Trio for Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Bohemian folk dances
  • Takes up or lets down, say
  • Passionate learners, to some
  • Bert’s buddy on “Sesame Street”
  • College application part
  • One wicked witch’s home in “The Wizard of Oz”
  • Baltimore seafood specialty
  • Hawaii’s ___ Coast
  • IV amounts
  • Make oneself heard in a herd
  • Kimono sash