New York Times January 28 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers January 28 2021

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  • Singer Del Rey
  • Giant walking combat vehicle in “Star Wars” films
  • Stuffs
  • Not just occasionally
  • Blue shade
  • Without backup
  • Poppycock
  • Release, as a song, in modern lingo
  • “OK, you win”
  • Something directly following a penultimate position — that is to say, diametrically opposed to a primary one
  • Gracefully send away
  • Passing comment?
  • Girl group with the 1999 #1 album “FanMail”
  • 90s, say
  • Lie in the sun
  • L iKe aN Ov eN
  • Demographic figure
  • “Bullet” in a food fight
  • Female kangaroo
  • Golden blades that may be tenderly chew’d by equine or bovine beings
  • None of it is good, as the saying goes
  • One committing insurance fraud, maybe
  • Prospector’s find
  • ___ Halles (central food market in Paris, once)
  • It may end with a reality check
  • The cat’s meow, baby. Dig?
  • Follower of pigs or cows
  • Be plentiful
  • In perpetuity
  • Country sound
  • Black-and-white swimmer
  • Name meaning “born again”
  • Shipment
  • Actor Damon
  • Till section
  • Drink from a machine
  • Colorful kind of shirt
  • Common congestion points
  • Figure skater, for one
  • With more of the same sort
  • Donna ___, 2014 Pulitzer winner for “The Goldfinch”
  • Confess openly
  • Mistakke, of a sort?
  • Agreed to tie the knot
  • North African capital
  • Work
  • “That most odious and antisocial of all passions”: John Stuart Mill
  • Date
  • Pioneering I.S.P.
  • Four-star
  • Wiped out
  • Human rights lawyer Clooney
  • Number two
  • What crystal jellies do when disturbed
  • Views
  • ___ Men (one-hit wonder group of 2000)
  • Food thickener
  • Janitor’s janglers
  • Decides
  • Not doing a darn thing
  • Cry toward the end of a list
  • Source of some omega-3s
  • It may be rolled out for exercise
  • Competitor of 21-Down
  • Cartoonist Chast
  • Tape recorder button
  • Torn asunder
  • TV producer Chaiken
  • Funerary burners
  • Classic name in audio equipment
  • Shakespeare character who says “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is / To have a thankless child!”
  • Model in a science classroom
  • Computing prefix
  • Alternative to an ellipsis