New York Times June 12 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers June 12 2019

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  • Getting close
  • Having obligations
  • Antiquated
  • Making a crossing, maybe
  • Not so savvy about the ways of the world
  • Top of an outfit, for short?
  • 1938 Alfred Hitchcock mystery
  • Air
  • Well-padded coat
  • Fictional Charles
  • Assert openly
  • 1999 Garry Marshall comedy
  • They can be dangerous when split
  • Cabin-building items
  • Bussing on a bus, e.g., for short
  • Scandalous suffix
  • Conveyances on and off base
  • Silent type
  • “___ sells seashells …”
  • List for the forward-thinking
  • Like some oil and remarks
  • 1933 James Whale sci-fi horror film, with “The”
  • Dutch master who painted “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window”
  • Czech or Pole
  • Self-evident truth
  • Appealing to lascivious desires
  • Amorality … as suggested by 17-, 25- and 41-Across?
  • “Rocks”
  • Mathematician John who discovered logarithms
  • Stationery shade
  • The shakes, for short
  • Former friend
  • Clog or pump
  • Light amount?
  • Eponym of the world’s largest tennis stadium
  • Part of a film archive
  • August, e.g., but not May or June
  • One of the Gandhis
  • Contradict
  • Cruddy joint
  • Ad├ín’s mate in la Biblia
  • Jerry’s partner in the frozen food aisle
  • Camera stabilizers
  • Shade in a desert landscape
  • Relatives of shallots
  • Crepes in Indian cuisine
  • Asserts openly
  • On base
  • Top hat, to a magician
  • Fixes wrongly?
  • Uses for worn-out T-shirts
  • Geographical entity with six straight sides
  • Reminder to oneself, perhaps
  • Grace word
  • Coveted, as a position
  • “Anti-art” art movement
  • “Preach!”
  • Don’t you believe it!
  • Title meaning “commander”
  • Cracks
  • Sea creature resembling a flower
  • Santa ___, Calif.
  • “Don’t worry, everything’s fine”
  • Country that, according to its tourist bureau, has the highest number of museums per capita
  • Not sharp
  • Not yet expired, say
  • Spot-on
  • Chops finely
  • Dr. ___
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Builder of the Domus Aurea
  • Faithful
  • Copier option
  • Help in filing, maybe