New York Times June 20 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers June 20 2019

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  • Series seen on many a planner or pill container
  • “S.N.L.” network
  • Computer security measure
  • Food for some fauna
  • Single-celled organism
  • Simon ___, lead singer of Duran Duran
  • Place to play a board game
  • Decisively indicative questions
  • Nightmares on opening night
  • Caught up to, say
  • Crowd
  • Seasoned smoked beef brisket or pork ribs, e.g.
  • Music festival street in Memphis
  • “The Crucible” locale
  • Pasture
  • Hypotenuse, e.g.
  • Deals in
  • Good name for a wrestler?
  • Penultimate letter
  • Friend for un muchacho
  • Cracker brand
  • Kind of liability-limiting stock order
  • Like some antique tableware
  • Go far and wide
  • Binary
  • Popular product of Bremen, Germany, not sold in Germany
  • Hosts, in brief
  • Pyramid, e.g.
  • Something each of this puzzle’s answers begins with
  • Symptom for a car mechanic
  • Like a fishing line after a bite
  • Knight’s need
  • Doesn’t take well
  • “Dirty Harry” org.
  • Bog down
  • Sci-fi film recognized with an Oscar for Technical Achievement 15 years after it was released
  • Painter’s sign
  • Kind of highway
  • Disconcerting
  • Casino draws
  • Cowboys, for example
  • Runs
  • Cookout discards
  • Bring (out)
  • They have sliding doors
  • Hasty getaway
  • Chocolaty spread since 1964
  • Big roll
  • Flag holder
  • Recipe amts.
  • “Safe” kind of film?
  • Rush job?
  • Powders, in a way
  • Terrific time
  • Davis of film
  • World’s richest country, according to the World Bank
  • Huge and abrupt
  • Maritime hazard
  • Whimper
  • Murky
  • Die-hard types
  • Hail, e.g.
  • Strive for
  • Mosul money
  • Payroll dept. figs.
  • Drinking spree
  • Pirouette follower, perhaps
  • Comprehended
  • “Doctor Faustus” novelist
  • Popular tech news site
  • Regs.
  • Word in a wedding notice