New York Times June 30 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers June 30 2022

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  • It may be mined or crunched
  • Night lights, of a sort
  • ___ card (auditioner’s need)
  • Suit
  • Documents
  • Actress Mendes
  • Mechanical
  • Snack
  • Dispensers
  • An official language of the Northwest Territories
  • Go ashore
  • French
  • Cake
  • Advocate?
  • Word with sing or string
  • Green hazard
  • A word before we forget?
  • Loud firework
  • Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek”
  • Warning before a gory movie scene … or a phonetic hint to answering four rows in this puzzle
  • Thoroughly enjoyed
  • Somber rings
  • Burn a bit
  • Fictional Christian of books and films
  • Sussex smell
  • Atlantic
  • Division
  • Skaters
  • Tries to please, with “to”
  • Host that preceded and succeeded O’Brien
  • Home
  • Office
  • Convenience
  • “Didn’t I tell you?”
  • Game 1 in a playoff series
  • Jolly season
  • Poet’s palindromic preposition
  • More than a hypothesis, but not quite a law
  • PlayStation rival
  • Part of R&D: Abbr.
  • Big name in body sprays
  • Face value?
  • “Thunderstruck” band
  • Sleeper’s problem
  • !, in emails
  • ___-com
  • Some cryobank deposits
  • Accounting dept. stamp
  • Vampiric in appearance
  • House that’s not the House
  • Turns away
  • “Blown” seal
  • Facepalm emotion
  • Fixed, as a climber’s rope
  • Guide showing relief, maybe
  • Smart ___
  • Kind of scoring in fantasy sports leagues, informally
  • Speeder stopper
  • American home of a royal palace
  • Pamplona’s province
  • Top gear?
  • Last little bit
  • Celebrity
  • Mongolian tent
  • University near Greensboro
  • Counterfeit token
  • G.R.E. takers, usually: Abbr.
  • Obsolescent music holder
  • Revival figure
  • P.M. preceded and succeeded by Churchill
  • Modern food critic
  • “… but perhaps I’m wrong”
  • City in Northern Ireland
  • Former frosh
  • Mineral with parallel bands
  • Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor ___ Markle
  • Composer Brian
  • Butter purchase
  • “Turn to Stone” band of 1977, for short
  • Playmate of Fido and Rover