New York Times June 8 2023 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers June 8 2023

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  • Sea urchin, in Japanese cuisine
  • Noted Swede of the silver screen
  • In the slightest
  • Prince, e.g.
  • “___ the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference”: Robert Frost
  • Prefix with biology
  • Agent Mulder’s obsession, in brief
  • Notes to self?
  • Amazon deposits
  • With veneration
  • End analysis paralysis
  • Support
  • “___ expected …”
  • One who’s bound to succeed?
  • It’s due in court
  • Gives props
  • Christmas tree lighting reaction
  • N.B.A. team with the most Hall-of-Famers, familiarly
  • English site of W.W. II code-breaking
  • Device patented in 1970 as an “X-Y position indicator for a display system”
  • What’s in the middle of Nashville?
  • Boil down
  • Convention winner
  • Something that Dr. Mom might tend to
  • Scale abbr.
  • U.S. capital in Lewis and Clark County
  • Meter-reading guy
  • Rubs the right way?
  • Has finally *had* it
  • Shakespeare’s “___ Andronicus”
  • Word of favor
  • Shelter from a storm
  • Squirrel away
  • Second-smallest of 50: Abbr.
  • Gospel singer ___ Cobbs Leonard
  • “Arabian Nights” prince
  • Ones with issues to work on, for short
  • Drains
  • “’S all good”
  • Like over 40% of all Americans aged 18-24
  • Supermodel Bündchen
  • Crossing swords
  • Turn in Yahtzee, e.g.
  • Poor winner’s shout
  • Licenses, say
  • Nook for a cardinal
  • Exercise often described as “meditation in motion”
  • They’re on your side
  • Abandon, as a conversation topic
  • Duds
  • Swiss drug giant
  • Like some jobs and jokes
  • Bad temper
  • Woodstock artist
  • Sight in the final scene of “Cleopatra”
  • Rapid transit options
  • “Enough!,” said?
  • This goes between chapter and verse
  • Walled city of Spain
  • Rogue
  • Highly observant
  • Spend time on a doodle, perhaps
  • “Lemme!”
  • Plants from which ropes are made
  • Soybean product
  • Words from a doubter
  • Tinkered (with)
  • Things that Jackson Pollock famously eschewed
  • One of the Seven Sisters colleges
  • “The Thin Man” pet
  • Tiny bit
  • Org. that lets you carry on