New York Times March 2 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers March 2 2021

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  • “Nova” airer
  • Like a rumpled bed
  • ___ tha Kyd (big name in rap, once)
  • Lead-in to correct
  • Pothead
  • Road goo
  • Lager or I.P.A.?
  • “Well, what have we here?!”
  • James Bond genre, informally
  • Like a brooding teen, maybe
  • Lose after being way ahead, as a lead
  • Hot fudge or caramel sauce?
  • “I goofed … who cares!”
  • “Eww, you could have kept that to yourself”
  • The “E” of Q.E.D.
  • [I can hear you, you know]
  • Kind of daisy
  • Lion-colored
  • Neat or on the rocks?
  • Gen ___
  • Part of a wintry mix
  • Salinger heroine
  • Feud (with)
  • Step between “ready” and “fire”
  • “Thanks, but no thanks”
  • Jägermeister or Fireball?
  • Keep ___ on (look after)
  • Chow down on, in modern slang
  • Perfumery scents
  • Part of E.S.L.: Abbr.
  • Chicken broth or beef bouillon?
  • Whichever
  • Common text in A.P. Latin
  • “Star Wars” pilot who, despite his name, flies with a co-pilot
  • “Geez!”
  • TV comic with a “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” segment
  • Collar
  • Homes, in slang
  • Emanation from Barney Gumble on “The Simpsons”
  • Attends to one’s mental health, say
  • L.A. school
  • Last in a series
  • Participated in a stock exchange?
  • “Dragon Ball Z” genre of TV and film
  • Boil down
  • Before, to poets
  • Some Russian vodka, informally
  • Web company that styles its name with an exclamation point
  • ___ one’s sorrows
  • Disconcerted
  • Scrabble piece
  • Vitamin that could also be a bingo call
  • Desktop debut of 1998
  • Titter
  • “Nothing’s broken”
  • Hardens
  • Like a contract that’s said to be “not worth the paper it’s written on”
  • Short albums, for short
  • Do an impression of
  • Increase in the number of teams in a league, e.g.
  • Votes for
  • Makes a boo-boo
  • “No kidding?”
  • Druid, e.g.
  • Begrudgingly accepts, as a loss
  • Whales and water fountains produce them
  • Tutor’s charge
  • Like wet noodles
  • Power source for early engines
  • ___-Barbera (onetime cartoon company)
  • Women’s health doc
  • Bonkers
  • Figure at a roast
  • Kind of nut with caffeine
  • Elitist
  • Cooke who was known as the “King of Soul”
  • Wine aperitif
  • Some serious hosp. cases