New York Times March 27 2020 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers March 27 2020

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  • Saucy ones
  • Brand with Prime Cuts
  • “Deck the Halls” octet
  • Seller of Halloween costumes, perhaps
  • Highland body
  • “Fingers and toes crossed …”
  • Need to play, say
  • Show tiredness
  • Cave ___ (beware the dog)
  • Texas A&M athlete
  • Kind of wave
  • Supersmall, futuristic medical device
  • Series of tweets
  • Series of tweets
  • Humanitarian Wallenberg
  • Skilled at dodging
  • Afflict
  • Like zero
  • Lines on a park map
  • Abbreviated title without the second, third, fourth and sixth letters
  • Conducted
  • Oscar-nominated director of “Network” and “Dog Day Afternoon”
  • Statues of mermaids, typically
  • Didn’t use the can?
  • Great shakes
  • “Grant them ___ rest” (requiem opening)
  • Barely
  • Some R.S.V.P.s
  • Favorite bar, say
  • Big retailer in outdoor gear
  • Daft
  • Device found between gutters
  • Applies
  • Record kept for travel reimbursement
  • Code for Australia’s busiest airport
  • Call it a day
  • Honkers
  • Take a turn
  • Home of N.Y.C.’s Colonnade Row
  • Album holder
  • Little pointer
  • Off-menu offering
  • When “S.N.L.” ends on the East Coast
  • Seating request
  • Senior moment?
  • Ref. work in which the verb “set” has a 60,000-word entry
  • Four-wheeled transports that developed out of surf culture
  • One of the top things on a to-do list
  • What a pane!
  • Word after “take a” or “take the”
  • Africa’s largest city that’s not a national capital
  • Guitarist Summers of the Police
  • Alone, to Alain
  • Trojan War participant
  • Transportation option in Philadelphia and Seattle
  • Not experience the same difficulties as others
  • Like cars at Consumer Reports
  • Held in suspense
  • Expensive coat material
  • Aqua ___
  • Befit
  • It helps you focus
  • Little something put away for later
  • Lock
  • Jazz great who took his name from Egyptian mythology
  • Cocktail with bourbon and sugar over crushed ice
  • “It was ___ dream”
  • Be awesome
  • Freudian concept
  • Writer nicknamed the “Playwright of the Midwest”
  • “The Ultimate Driving Machine” sloganeer
  • Aid in driving