New York Times May 13 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers May 13 2022

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  • Billboard magazine feature
  • Abbr. in skin care
  • Creatures with asymmetrical ears for accuracy in hunting
  • Facts-as-fiction work
  • Some summer arrivals
  • “Join the club!”
  • World’s best-selling contemporary female artist of all time, per Billboard magazine
  • “Who ___?”
  • “So … who wants in on this deal?”
  • Snag
  • Alongside
  • Children in Vienna
  • Costume that might start with a cardboard box
  • Two cents for a paper, perhaps
  • Body with a floor
  • Orchestral instrument that doesn’t make a sound
  • Extension ___
  • Pass (out)
  • Trinket
  • Unpolished
  • One might be chosen for its perspective
  • Loafers
  • Like hair at salons
  • Bad side
  • Data head?
  • Drummed-up measures?
  • Seasoned rice dish
  • Make a big stink
  • Blue book alternative
  • Actress Sink of “Stranger Things”
  • Say goodbye to many a 34-Across à la Marie Kondo
  • Prunes
  • Destiny’s Child’s “___ My Name”
  • Was appealing?
  • Some time
  • Newmark with an eponymous list
  • Series of stakes
  • “Truer words were never spoken!”
  • Word from the Dutch for “talk nonsense”
  • “Claws” channel
  • Trail
  • One way to avoid a lecture
  • Experienced
  • Bygone
  • Makes very uncomfortable, informally
  • They may be tied up in a sequel
  • W-2 ID
  • Are in store
  • Didn’t come through as promised, in slang
  • Not be serious
  • Given (to)
  • Garden tool
  • Summons before congress?
  • More sententious
  • Group with the 2020 #1 album “Be”
  • Country whose official languages are French and Arabic
  • Be superinfatuated with someone
  • Jazz great Laine
  • What a bee may be
  • “To All the ___ I’ve Loved Before” (2018 film)
  • Hoist, redundantly
  • Given a number, maybe
  • Press, e.g.
  • Oozing smarm
  • Fills with fluff
  • One may be floated or rough
  • Liu of “Why Women Kill”
  • Coronation, e.g.
  • Card display?