New York Times May 18 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers May 18 2019

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  • Jets are found in it, for short
  • Rep
  • Photo framer’s offering
  • Tough person to get information from
  • Like southern Israel vis-à-vis northern Israel
  • Porter of note
  • Acclaimed 1942 film banned in Germany until after W.W. II
  • Alma mater of N.B.A. M.V.P. Russell Westbrook
  • It’s found just south of the White House’s South Lawn
  • Stadium divertissement
  • Often-braised cut of beef
  • Language of South Asia
  • Home of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Palmyra
  • “It’s futile”
  • Ending of eight U.S. presidents’ names
  • Quad bike, e.g.
  • Drawing
  • Measures taken to make golf courses tougher in the early 2000s
  • “Let me demonstrate”
  • Hard core
  • Sports star who once declared “I am America”
  • Like some barbecue
  • Guitar accessories
  • Arizona rival
  • Empathize with
  • Some guitar basics
  • Salt
  • Bryophytic growth
  • “What a jerk!”
  • NASA’s ___ Research Center
  • Walt Disney’s middle name
  • Singer of the song “Shadowland” in “The Lion King”
  • Subj. of the 2017 memoir “Working on the Dark Side of the Moon”
  • British weight
  • Something to build on
  • Reach
  • Ostentatious
  • ___ oil
  • Richard who composed the music for “Damn Yankees” and “The Pajama Game”
  • Cheesy crust
  • “___ feste Burg ist unser Gott” (Bach cantata)
  • Narrow part
  • Station
  • Venomous snake
  • The whole time
  • Joining, with “up”
  • Subject of the Supreme Court cases Loving v. Virginia and Obergefell v. Hodges
  • Edge
  • One looking for bugs
  • “Go right ahead!”
  • Conflict that saw the sieges of Ladysmith and Kimberley
  • One overseas
  • Modern game equipment
  • That’s the ticket!
  • Sprint and such
  • Home of the Isle of Man
  • Cow or chicken follower
  • Bad choices in it might cost you an arm and a leg
  • Like the lion slain in Hercules’ first labor
  • Foreign correspondent, maybe
  • Classic opera set in Cyprus
  • Cross with
  • Have trouble sleeping, say
  • Run out
  • Daring way to fly
  • Calculus calculation, for short