New York Times May 27 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers May 27 2022

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  • Lures into a relationship by using a fictional online persona
  • Occasion for a high flute?
  • Like households with stay-at-home spouses, typically
  • Like many spiral notebooks
  • It may be taken for dramatic effect
  • World record holder?
  • “Do the Right Thing” pizzeria
  • Get around
  • Giant mfr. of industrial machinery
  • 5/15, e.g.
  • Hawaiian chorus
  • ___ job
  • Onboardee
  • Follower of many state names
  • Really dry
  • Season ticket holder, maybe
  • Pond blossom
  • Rockets can be found in it, in brief
  • Infiltrates
  • Dealing with technical details, say
  • Blowout
  • Put away
  • Herbal infusions
  • Do-over
  • “Psycho” psycho
  • First name in gossip
  • Some SAT takers
  • Not be completely accurate with
  • Spanish key
  • Kind of cake with layers of coffee and chocolate
  • Where to find 55 and over?
  • Resource in the game Catan
  • Film technique that accommodates wide- and full-screen display
  • Act crabby?
  • Parents obsessed with play dates?
  • Mustard, for one: Abbr.
  • “Is that ___?”
  • Start of a count
  • Some pudding ingredients
  • Hurting
  • Like the milk in café au lait, sometimes
  • Improbable orders for oenophiles
  • Myanmar has two of them
  • Matches
  • They’re used during film production and promotion
  • The one in “Layla” lasts 3 minutes 48 seconds
  • Mixed emotions, so to speak
  • Jacques Cousteau’s milieu
  • Parts of some bowls, in brief
  • Journalist Swisher
  • Dressing option
  • Home of the largest street fair in North America
  • Modern-day scroll, of a sort
  • Mama grizzly
  • Item to pack for a trip abroad
  • Down times?
  • “Really? Wow!”
  • “Thanks, Captain Obvious”
  • Telephone trio
  • Prepared to end an engagement
  • Buffalo ___
  • Picking up
  • Oscar Wilde tragedy
  • Many a work by the artist Banksy
  • Mythical archer
  • Driver in Hollywood
  • Reactions to strikes?
  • Letter after upsilon
  • Suitable
  • “Was ___ blame?”
  • Source of withdrawal?
  • Article in a French newspaper