New York Times November 17 2018 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers November 17 2018

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  • ‘Baudolino’ novelist
  • ‘It has one syllable’ and ‘Its fourth letter is T’
  • ‘Yum!’
  • *scratches head*
  • 2011 musical with the highest-charting Broadway cast album since ‘Hair’ in 1969
  • Actress Alexander of ‘Get Out’
  • Amsterdam feature
  • Animal cry in a nursery rhyme
  • Apex predators of the past
  • Ask
  • Band since 1922
  • Basic cable inits
  • Big name in late-night
  • Blown away
  • Cards on a scoreboard
  • Catlike Pok√©mon with an onomatopoeic name
  • Couple on the road?
  • Dashed off, say
  • Die on one side of Italy?
  • Dirty
  • Doing super-well
  • Dolly user
  • End of some affluent community names
  • Features of jack-in-the-boxes
  • Foal : horse :: cria : ___
  • Gem that’s been polished but not faceted
  • Georgia ___
  • Going in
  • Guns
  • Hang in there!
  • Heyday of many serials
  • High-ranking suits
  • Homme land?
  • Inferior-quality item, informally
  • Is up on
  • It’s measured in degs
  • Kia Rio competitor
  • Mantle’s cover
  • Melt alternative, for short
  • Missed out, e.g
  • More watery
  • Name on 2016 campaign buttons
  • Novelist Mario Vargas ___
  • Pacific types
  • Part of Q.E.F
  • Pitch for a whole season?
  • Play honor
  • Play starter
  • Player of the mother on ‘Black-ish’
  • Plied, in a way
  • Removes roots and all
  • Retro picture
  • Rich store
  • Set apart
  • Singer of the 1989 #1 hit ‘Opposites Attract’
  • Some causes of brain freeze
  • Spanish term of endearment
  • Staple, e.g
  • Summer slip-ons
  • Susquehannock Indian relatives
  • System used for computer code
  • Tony-winning musical with three B’way runs
  • Trials
  • Vessels with sharp bows
  • Word from the Italian for ‘crush’
  • Work together (with)
  • World capital that’s an anagram of Azerbaijan’s capital + L
  • ___ king