New York Times November 29 2022 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers November 29 2022

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  • “Flick your ___” (longtime slogan)
  • Mother, in Mexico
  • Fella
  • Promising words
  • Dominated, in sports lingo
  • 1970 hit for the Kinks
  • Hoot
  • International service organization with a dove in its logo
  • Exercise in a pool
  • City in ancient Crete with a renowned labyrinth
  • Walks and runs, for two
  • Bygone MGM rival
  • Formerly
  • Words from a pourer
  • Hit BBC series since 1963, informally
  • Bleats
  • Low-___ (blurry, maybe)
  • More prone to prying
  • Mixed martial arts org.
  • Element of plumage … and a feature shared by every answer crossing this one
  • Oversee, as a case
  • “Dewey Defeats ___,” infamous Chicago Tribune headline of 1948
  • Managed
  • ___ Mix
  • L.A.’s region
  • Attached, as a patch
  • Chapel Hill sch.
  • Sort
  • Kind of switch
  • Lavatory fixture
  • Low-scoring soccer result
  • Traditional habitats for pigeons
  • Paul of “There Will Be Blood”
  • Finch feeder filler
  • Chicken stock, e.g.
  • PC alternative
  • Skin opening
  • Noted seasonal worker
  • Forest ranger?
  • Tweeters
  • Turkey
  • Unruffled
  • Swabs
  • Wide-eyed wonderment
  • Molecule whose structure was discovered by Rosalind Franklin
  • Consider
  • Garden west of Nod
  • Ninth-inning relievers, often
  • Desert wanderer’s mount in a 1972 hit by America
  • Chow for a chow, perhaps
  • Mountain route
  • Quaint farewells
  • Its Andean variety has the largest wingspan among all raptors
  • “Gangnam Style” musician
  • Ratite featured on Uruguayan currency
  • American raptor that’s the size of a mourning dove
  • Small brown passerine that holds its tail upright
  • Roll call call
  • African antelope
  • Qualifying words
  • Style featuring natural curl
  • Goose that might nest on volcanic ash
  • Its peregrine variety is the world’s fastest avian
  • Iconic metaphor for keen-eyed watchfulness
  • Artificial
  • Funnel-shaped
  • With 4-Across, mountain range in 44-Across
  • Put on
  • Important exam
  • Gathering of 1-Down, like that found in the center of this puzzle
  • Edge
  • Cookie with a creme filling
  • Small amounts
  • Worker protection agcy.
  • Very long time
  • QB’s throw: Abbr.