New York Times October 20 2020 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers October 20 2020

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  • Multi-Emmy-winning actor whose first and last names start with the same two letters
  • Disco ___ of “The Simpsons”
  • Attack from the air
  • 911s and Panameras
  • Rule at a self-serve gas station
  • *Followed warnings
  • *Materialistic sort, stereotypically
  • Punk rock offshoot
  • Red dolls made to be tickled
  • Musician’s gift
  • *Marijuana cigarette, informally
  • *Posted inflammatory blog comments, e.g.
  • Job to do
  • Censor’s insertion
  • Sch. whose mascot is Mike the Tiger
  • Gut course
  • Not in time for
  • Like goods that are temporarily out of stock … or a hint, alphabetically, to the answers to the starred clues
  • Early afternoon nap
  • “___ run!”
  • Poodle’s sound
  • “Now the gloves come off!”
  • Farrow and Hamm, for two
  • *Chewbacca, e.g.
  • *Autonomous cleaner
  • One used to old habits?
  • Shy
  • Sch. whose mascot is Sparky the Sun Devil
  • *”L’chaim!”
  • *Like toddlers in high chairs, often
  • Like better
  • Guitarist Joe with 15 Grammy nominations
  • Passover meals
  • Power sources for some clocks
  • Wee workers
  • Exam for some smart H.S. students
  • Start for a “land” in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
  • Evidences hunger, in a way
  • Query
  • Word after ice or book
  • Abound (with)
  • “If you prick ___ we not bleed?”: “The Merchant of Venice”
  • Dangerous plant to have around?
  • One-man show about Capote
  • What matching ends of magnets do
  • Shocked
  • Like Snow White, among them all
  • A Cyclops has just one
  • Apron wearer
  • Sault ___ Marie
  • Home furnishings superstores
  • Find a new tenant for
  • Some dazzling designs
  • Twosome
  • Letters on a party invitation
  • Slow and stately, in music
  • When Hamlet says “The play’s the thing” in “Hamlet”
  • Play ice hockey, e.g.
  • “I love you,” in Spain
  • Made dirty
  • Crime boss
  • Alternative to an ax
  • Raw material for steel
  • Collectible group
  • “Count me among your admirers”
  • The “A” of AWOL
  • Some Arabian Peninsula residents
  • Surgical tool
  • Civil disturbances
  • Something you can pick up with your nose
  • Actress Rae
  • Longtime film rating org.
  • “Decorates” on Halloween, for short
  • “___ sher!”
  • Places to which patients are rushed in hosps.
  • Actress Vardalos