New York Times October 22 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers October 22 2021

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  • Abundant
  • “___ and Basie!” (1963 jazz album)
  • Calendar heading named for a Norse deity: Abbr.
  • “Everything’s going to be fine”
  • Bucolic spots
  • Artist colony in a desert
  • Digital color presentation?
  • Vegetable also called “ladies’ fingers”
  • Seriously
  • Colon or semicolon, in an emoticon
  • “Men in Black” antagonists
  • Long run?
  • Bonny ones
  • ___ Explorer
  • Something that may be packed
  • Heckerling who directed “Look Who’s Talking” and “Clueless”
  • Courtroom conclusion
  • Comment after an amazing statement
  • What might be found between X and Z?
  • Small amphibian
  • Subj. for class cut-ups?
  • Direction of many a lavatory on a plane
  • One-fourth of KISS
  • Olympic skater Midori
  • ___ Chang, Harry Potter’s first love interest
  • 1982 Disney film with a 2010 sequel
  • Kitty food?
  • It covers a lot of ground
  • “Walk”
  • Endor native
  • Spirits of Greece
  • Like a tapestry
  • ___ Sarnoff, Warner Bros. C.E.O. beginning in 2019
  • Participated in a pistol duel
  • They’re full of opinions
  • Helicopter traffic reporter on “The Simpsons”
  • Intended
  • Bends at the Bolshoi
  • [I forgot the words …]
  • Local alternative
  • Actress Pompeo of “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • Adornments sometimes made with kukui nuts
  • Hold up
  • Vapers don’t get it
  • Tries chai, say
  • Quartet in Revelation
  • Nation conspicuously missing from the Wilson-proposed League of Nations, in brief
  • Santa’s sleighful
  • How you might count to five
  • Dining with one’s child?
  • Countertop or flooring materials
  • Children’s author/illustrator Hoff
  • Problem for a king
  • Cry made while swinging a baton
  • “Put a tiger in your tank” sloganeer
  • Roman army leader
  • Cellphone plan concern
  • Card game in which jacks are the top four trumps
  • Got out of Dodge, say
  • Some kitchen appliances
  • Tennessee governor who became president
  • “Say no more”
  • Herb often used in preparing potatoes and omelets
  • Upped
  • Is on first
  • Really come down
  • Move, maybe ominously
  • Take to another dimension?
  • Lead-in to cow or lion
  • Uranus, e.g.