New York Times September 23 2020 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers September 23 2020

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  • Kitchen item on a roll
  • Serum vessel
  • End of a “happy” simile
  • The Pequod and others
  • University of New Mexico mascot
  • Like an illustrator’s fingertips, maybe
  • Milk sources for feta cheese
  • One of 10 when one “hangs ten”
  • Philosopher who posited that the simplest explanation is the most likely one
  • Tongue ties?
  • Microwave
  • Classroom missile that might be grounds for detention
  • Minor injury for an office clerk
  • Major attack
  • Musical riffing from Ella Fitzgerald
  • “Kitchy-kitchy-___!”
  • Number on a yarn skein
  • Mtn. measure
  • Some Japanese luxury cars
  • They: Fr.
  • Need for a sobfest
  • Whole load
  • Start for the Top 40 song titles “Sixteen,” “Time” and “You”
  • Focal point of an earthquake
  • Lunch carrier, often
  • One making empty threats
  • Furry Endor resident
  • Primer libro del Nuevo Testamento
  • “___ a doctor, but …”
  • Audio brand Beats by ___
  • Environmental activist Brockovich
  • Series of documents that trace a path, as suggested by this puzzle
  • Immunity-boosting element
  • Bouncy strips that test one’s balance
  • Fringe
  • “Out of Africa” writer Dinesen
  • Bird on the Mexican flag
  • Ninny
  • “Ai-yi-yi!”
  • What’s aft a ship’s aft
  • Chicago trains
  • Make less tight, as a waistband
  • Larynx
  • Ending with Louis
  • At the previous speed, in scores
  • It’s dropped before a trip
  • Detox
  • Feature of a crawl space
  • Have ___ in one’s bonnet
  • Something soft to sit on
  • Lower-priced edition of a book
  • ___-slipper
  • Granola bit
  • Full of cargo
  • Activity that might involve setting out saucers of milk
  • Old-fashioned newsboy’s assignment
  • Toy with tabs and interchangeable outfits
  • Handicraft e-tail site
  • Fulfill
  • Alternative to a staple
  • Writer Carolyn, the pen name of more than 10 authors of the Nancy Drew series
  • “Hasta ___!”
  • Result of whiplash, maybe
  • Something that’s “true whether or not you believe in it,” per Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Flavor imparter to chardonnay
  • Tests
  • Hide, with “up”
  • Forms to process
  • Mediterranean appetizer
  • Desertlike
  • Longtime film rating org.
  • “Oh, fudge!”
  • Cambodian currency
  • Otherwise
  • Letters on a tire
  • Coastal inlet