New York Times September 23 2021 Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Answers September 23 2021

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  • Proto-smartphones, in brief
  • It may be flipped in anger, with “the”
  • Companion, in Arabic
  • Performance traditionally accompanied by the ipu heke (double gourd drum)
  • Protein-building acid type
  • Marley of “Marley & Me,” for one
  • Unbending
  • Insomniacs have them
  • A pelican gulper is a type of one
  • Parts of essential oils
  • It’s a wrap
  • Didn’t win or lose
  • Eye ailments
  • Evian, par exemple
  • Food item that may be candied
  • Blue Angels, e.g.
  • Failing spectacularly
  • Colonies construct them
  • Anderson Cooper, to Gloria Vanderbilt
  • Network operated by the U.S. Space Force
  • Part of a bar line
  • Get red in the face?
  • What starts with janeiro, in Rio
  • Like mortgagors
  • Actress Hagen with three Tonys
  • Members of a wartime skywatching corps
  • Frothy order
  • Symbols often accompanying the phrase “Legalize it”
  • Seriously fancy
  • Redacts, as sensitive information (suggested by three of this puzzle’s answers)
  • Feinted on the ice
  • Adam and Eve’s third child
  • Standard Oil offshoot
  • Gym
  • Burr, famously
  • Genetic variant
  • Something that’s no good unless it’s closed
  • Blubbers
  • Some safe harbors
  • Electronics company that founded NBC
  • Type of socialite officially discontinued in the U.K. in 1958
  • It’s a wrap
  • Mexican ally
  • Flashy car feature?
  • New member
  • Gym figures, for short
  • Lowdown
  • Flight tracker info
  • Alternative to white
  • Peons
  • Casino next to the Venetian in Vegas
  • 2018 sci-fi prequel
  • ___ Enterprise
  • Range on a game box
  • “Are you giving me no choice?”
  • Like Supreme Court hearings, with “en”
  • Shut up
  • For all to see
  • Response to rule-breaking
  • Whole lot
  • Cover some ground?
  • Titular vampire in Anne Rice novels
  • Parts of a Spanish omelet
  • Father-in-law of Helen of Troy
  • Target with a toss
  • Off-the-wall
  • Something that might come up after a big meal?
  • Enterprise voyage
  • Hefty rival
  • Have to have
  • Container whose name is pronounced with either a long “a” or an “ah”
  • Network supported by “Viewers Like You”
  • ___ Miss of the N.C.A.A.