USA Today April 16 2019 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers April 16 2019

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  • Fore-and-after pole
  • Having what it takes
  • Murderer in Genesis
  • Viper of the Nile region
  • Movie with gunslingers
  • Nickel and dime
  • Partner of sciences
  • Upper-bod muscle
  • “I swear that’s true”
  • Vietnam War defoliant
  • Approach a boarding gate
  • Neighbor of Yemen
  • Exec’s reminder
  • Signal to begin speaking
  • “Gr8 joke!”
  • Story with a banner headline, perhaps
  • Makes watertight
  • Like many Russians
  • Tree enjoyed by leaf peepers
  • What “the devil wears,” in a movie
  • Happy hour offering
  • Yount in Cooperstown
  • Lose, as a pursuer
  • Showered with affection, with “on”
  • Job for a kid
  • Achilles heel, metaphorically
  • Motorcycle attachment
  • Darken or lighten, say
  • Place for merit badges
  • Diamond surface
  • Prototype software version
  • Roof’s top
  • Monthly statement, perhaps
  • Begin to awaken
  • “Hamilton” face-off
  • Gunn of “Breaking Bad”
  • Don’t take off
  • Solemn promise
  • Iron or lead sourceend
  • Large-beaked parrot
  • Toy gun ammo
  • Ion, perhaps
  • Knock down a peg
  • Cookie with a Mini version
  • Pool or polo
  • Bit of crocheting
  • Oral or physical
  • Common scale extreme
  • A whole bunch
  • Pacific Ocean phenomenon
  • Smartphone component
  • Opening for a keycard
  • Unit of current
  • Was offended by
  • Wrap for leftovers
  • Bone up in a hurry
  • Caramel-and-chocolate candy
  • Tablet at a Genius Bar
  • DWI part
  • Touch the edge of
  • Alan of “The Longest Ride”
  • Years and years
  • Like a catty remark
  • Approaching nightfall
  • Spoke manually
  • Little nipper
  • Lose steam
  • Stroller riders
  • Postpaid encl.
  • Courtroom figs.
  • Any “Star Wars” movie
  • Monitored stat for a hurler
  • Gambler’s giveaway
  • Garfield’s foil
  • Word before rock or football
  • Wheelbarrow shaft
  • Assault or battery
  • Race with batons