USA Today August 10 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers August 10 2022

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  • Big chunk of bacon
  • Dessert that might be upside-down
  • H.S. class that might read Dante or Ferrante
  • Boulder time zone, for short
  • Spring or summer
  • Hot mugful
  • Per each person
  • Chance to play
  • Advanced degree in game design
  • Phrase introducing some brief remarks
  • Headquarters
  • “Don’t leave!”
  • Slept noisily
  • Do some exercise in a pool
  • Sovereign nation in Arizona
  • Teapot covers
  • Dessert plate, for example
  • Sentimental sorts
  • In the ___ (nearby)
  • School support org.
  • Sympathize
  • Tawa flatbread
  • Staircase part
  • Nancy Ajram, the Queen of ___ Pop
  • Honeycomb material
  • Lost traction
  • “Breakfast is ready!”
  • Athens language
  • Lawmaker’s creation
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Walks back and forth
  • “To clarify . . .”
  • DodgeBow is one
  • Prefix for “correct” or “mobile”
  • Inventory unit
  • Materials in economic geology
  • Inactive
  • Org. that funds museumsend
  • Phishing schemes
  • Pet hotel guest
  • Baby’s spill catchers
  • Mental mistake
  • Magnum ___
  • Totally horizontal
  • Japanese dog that loves cold weather
  • Chip dip with kernels in it
  • Place a wager
  • “Enough of this!”
  • Shift or Enter
  • Kanaka sentiment
  • Subway trip
  • Salty solution
  • Some Cabinet heads
  • Dry as dust
  • Loathed
  • “You missed a ___”
  • Spheres in soups
  • Mouth-related
  • Color of garlic skin
  • ___ Antonio
  • Business that might offer pore extractions
  • ___ carte menu
  • Reward for a nail tech
  • Well-spoken but insincere
  • Juanita Craft’s state
  • Word after “team” or “two”
  • Filming venue
  • Hot mugful
  • Make a point of mentioning your close friendship with Beyonce
  • Opt not to play
  • Slushy brand
  • Got the wrinkles out of
  • Numbered road (Abbr.)
  • Highest point
  • “Face the facts!”
  • Children’s book illustrator ___ Feelings
  • ID needed to enroll in Medicare, for short
  • Expansive property