USA Today August 11 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers August 11 2022

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  • Sunflower State city known as the Little Apple
  • ABBA song with a repetitive title
  • Person who watches audition tapes
  • Fiction’s opposite
  • End of an ___
  • Contempt
  • ___ Eye dog
  • This clue’s number in Spanish
  • Female deer
  • Number of raised dots in a Braille “a”
  • Tyrannosaurus ___
  • Vowel sound in “wise”
  • Online broadcast
  • Fuzzy fabric
  • Astonished
  • High hairstyle
  • Provide with a meal
  • Exclusively
  • Wilmington’s state (Abbr.)
  • Places for some ear piercings
  • Suit accessory
  • Lo ___
  • “Winning ___ everything”
  • Philly ___ (cheesesteak wrapped in a pizza slice)
  • At a fast pace
  • Picket or chain-link barrier
  • “if u would be so kind”
  • Pancake day bottles
  • Remnants from a demolition
  • Bee or beetle
  • Pickled bud in puttanesca
  • Entice
  • School on the Rio Grande
  • Tiny
  • Common battery size
  • Speedometer statend
  • Podcaster’s device
  • Government agents
  • Smell
  • 1990 antidiscrimination law
  • The Little Mermaid’s name
  • Biscuitlike pastry
  • Rejections
  • Mya’s breakout hit
  • Bandleader’s cue
  • Spanish for “money”
  • Point after deuce
  • 90-degree ___
  • Vehicle that, per ScienceNews, “would stress out a bear”
  • Lots and lots
  • “Smart” drawing tool
  • Make less loose
  • Show off a fashion designer’s work
  • Recipe instruction that’s a phrase of encouragement in Hong Kong
  • Tony Stark’s alma mater
  • Anatomy focus
  • “Suhweet!”
  • “Careful out there!”
  • Original “Star Trek” captain
  • Lead role in “Spencer”
  • Suffix for “lemon” or “Gator”
  • Funk musician George
  • Kyoto cash
  • Result of a professor’s absence
  • Street edges
  • Exercise similar to a crunch
  • Who said “In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience”
  • Love dearly
  • Take a ___ of faith
  • Large-scale story
  • More in need of an ice bath
  • Word of agreement
  • Attention-getting whisper