USA Today August 9 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers August 9 2022

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  • Pharmacy chain
  • Pelvic bone
  • “No need to show me”
  • Venmo alternative
  • Biblical song
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Start ___ (begin again)
  • Big Ten Hockey’s org.
  • Vessels that might whistle
  • The Gem State
  • Reef organism that looks like a part of the human body
  • Work to acquire
  • Tiny branch
  • Glued on, perhaps
  • Fish in lutefisk
  • “Right away!”
  • 10-cent coin
  • Scientific journey
  • Sticky fruit
  • TD throwers
  • Hockey venue
  • Like hands after eating ribs
  • Colorado-based beer brand
  • “Can I get a ___ yeah?!” (veggie pun)
  • “About me” blurb
  • Ruin
  • For each
  • Gullah ___ Cultural Heritage Corridor (southeastern U.S. region)
  • Like sandpaper
  • Recipe abbr.
  • She/her/___
  • Bert’s roommate on “Sesame Street”
  • November birthstone
  • Move like a buoy
  • Small, burrowing rodent
  • Historical periods
  • Home for bird eggs
  • Tegan and Sara, e.g.
  • Conclusion
  • Some health professionals (Abbr.)end
  • Stylish
  • Replacing oreo creme with toothpaste, e.g.
  • “Sounds likely!”
  • International travel need
  • As of
  • Make art with a pencil
  • Wellness destinations
  • Really bothered
  • Atlanta Dream guard McDonald
  • Activity where an orca might be seen
  • Cash dispensers
  • Bird on Canada’s dollar
  • Skilled
  • Removed from competition, for short
  • Video device, for short
  • Muscles often compared to a washboard
  • Snoozefest
  • Electric bass hookup
  • Layers of paint
  • They’re often attached to trapeze harnesses
  • Way to see through a front door
  • Rhyme and synonym for “moans”
  • Surname on some lawn mowers
  • “Golly!”
  • ___ it all on the line
  • Helping after seconds
  • Build, like a monument
  • Collection
  • Rustic pizza-making appliance
  • Annual LGBTQ celebration
  • ___ over (read closely)
  • Short audio clip
  • “It wasn’t to be”
  • Silent approvals
  • Storm’s center
  • Piece of lemon peel