USA Today February 28 2021 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers February 28 2021

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  • Chilean coin
  • Each
  • Source of extra income
  • Frighten
  • “About Me” blurb
  • Key on either side of a spacebar
  • “Now and Then” actress Wilson
  • Song to slow-dance to
  • “___ on My Guitar” (Taylor Swift song)
  • Nevada city
  • Oleta Adams vocal range
  • Subtle “Hey, you!”
  • Fourth Greek letter
  • Flake out
  • Foal’s father
  • Commercial during a sitcom
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” channel
  • Resident of Yemen’s northeastern neighbor
  • Lustrous fabric
  • Name that’s “grade” rearranged
  • Nickname for Rhode Island
  • Vital blood vessel
  • Fruits in ma’amoul
  • Crunchy veggie snack
  • Lambs’ mothers
  • Persuade
  • Brouhaha
  • Adjust to the times
  • “Fresh Prince” neighborhood
  • Part of a drawer
  • Give information to
  • “Excuse me?”
  • Seventh Greek letter
  • Messy person
  • Upping the ___
  • Fruity cereal with a rabbit mascot
  • Aide (Abbr.)
  • Dish often garnished with tadka
  • “___ word yet?”end
  • “Nah, I’m good”
  • Stinging comment
  • Sand ___ (golf hazard)
  • Totally impressive
  • Poem about the Trojan War
  • Jang uh gui fish
  • Recycling bin item
  • Insects known to take power naps
  • Anna Netrebko’s music
  • “With ___ due respect . . .”
  • Taro or turnip
  • Diamond theft, e.g.
  • Slightly
  • Sch. in OK
  • Resided in a foreign country
  • Face covering
  • “Way cool!”
  • Chocolaty drink with marshmallows
  • Puri flour
  • Pasek and Paul musical with the song “Lying There”
  • Brand of shampoo
  • Big name in wafers
  • “So cute!”
  • Make full
  • Words from the weary
  • “Rodeo” singer Lil ___ X
  • Word after “access” or “area”
  • Matches audio and video
  • Something often made with closed eyes
  • Tuskegee’s state (Abbr.)
  • “Get ___ here!”
  • Start-of-spring festival
  • Bamboo-loving animals
  • On
  • Person with a lot of power in their industry
  • “That’s just the way ___”
  • File folder parts
  • Depend
  • Deli counter call