USA Today January 14 2021 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers January 14 2021

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  • Octavia Butler genre
  • “Wow”
  • “Ryans” star
  • Sparkly strands on a tree
  • Performed a jete
  • ___ A Sketch
  • Goes big out of desperation
  • Annoyed intentionally
  • Supply money for
  • Meshy fabric
  • Unbusy
  • Tenth element
  • Touches with a cotton ball, say
  • One completing a W-4 form, perhaps
  • Herb that starts and ends with the same letter
  • ___ Rios (region of Chile)
  • “Poetry Man” singer
  • Lake that’s the “E” in HOMES
  • Droop
  • ___-of-the-moment
  • Org. with an Artemis spaceflight program
  • Was in possession of
  • Jam container
  • Red carpet rental, for short
  • Race car safety feature
  • Browns over high heat
  • Excite
  • Pop’s pop
  • Futurist Popcorn
  • Nickelodeon goo
  • Bags with handles
  • Sign of healing
  • Absence of difficulty
  • Solo for Sawsan Al Bahiti
  • ___-a-brac (tchotchkes)end
  • Arrange from newest to oldest, say
  • Leave alone
  • Ferret out
  • ___ tea (redundant phrase)
  • Name hidden across more than one word in this clue
  • Innovator’s spark
  • “Let’s do it!”
  • Sharply bitter
  • Untidy sort
  • Season ticket holders, e.g.
  • Passport part
  • Female chickens
  • Dream up
  • Triumphant team’s exclamation
  • Taproom offering
  • Trip source
  • Keep at bay
  • Punkie Johnson’s show, for short
  • “Slow down!”
  • “Aqualung” band ___ Tull
  • Artificially inflate
  • #nofilter, for example
  • Word after “castor” or “canola”
  • Password partner
  • Spiritual energy field
  • Anago is the saltwater kind of it
  • “___ Tongue” (3-Down web series)
  • Halfway between noon and midnight
  • Catch
  • Lawful
  • Shade of green
  • Close tightly
  • Afro-Cuban dance
  • Capital home to the Vigeland Museum
  • Low-___ diet
  • Video game pioneer
  • Foot or meter
  • Home to Lebanon and Laos
  • Commendable quality
  • Indefinite quantity
  • Grizzly, e.g.
  • Behavioral science major, for short
  • Females in a flock