USA Today January 20 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers January 20 2022

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  • ___ pants (mid-calf trousers)
  • Chef’s garment
  • Meals brought from home
  • Pen and lighter brand
  • Cast members
  • Better than fine
  • Raison d’___ (life’s purpose)
  • Person in charge
  • Builders of Peru’s Qhapaq Nan
  • Where homegrown veggies grow
  • Fury
  • Elections for minor political offices
  • Journalist Hu
  • Place where brides exchange vows
  • Consume
  • Floor-cleaning tool
  • Possible response to “Who’s hungry?”
  • Pool players’ sticks
  • Purple soda flavor
  • “Electric” fish
  • Device that gives directions (Abbr.)
  • Tidy
  • Like hair pulled into a ponytail
  • Effortlessness
  • Fitting
  • Tweak
  • Put-down
  • Hawaiian song written by Lili’uokalani
  • Tart drink
  • Insta uploads
  • Composer Johann Sebastian
  • Non-innie
  • Pancake chain
  • Poi ingredient
  • “Ah, yes”
  • ___ bracelet (2000s fad)
  • Rotateend
  • Kimchi vegetable
  • Grandiose concept
  • Fruit similar to a peach
  • Winning nonstop
  • Exam supervisor
  • “Ahhh, what the heck”
  • Column’s counterpart in a spreadsheet
  • Amanda Gorman’s “___ to Our Ocean”
  • Down in the dumps
  • Org. hidden in “Vulcan salute”
  • ___ peace (meditation goal)
  • Glowing fireplace bit
  • Elementary
  • Italian city known for salami
  • Bothersome insect
  • “Sister Outsider” author Lorde
  • Desperate request
  • Tricky Triangle piece
  • Green gemstone
  • Cuddly cat’s seat
  • Dish that often contains leafy greens
  • Sticky tree stuff
  • Runner-up’s line
  • Flower associated with the Netherlands
  •, e.g.
  • Idea
  • Tingle-inducing YouTube genre (Abbr.)
  • Back-scratcher target
  • ___ inches (unit of volume)
  • Direction of sunrise
  • “That’s a good one!”
  • Secret supply
  • Org. protecting individual rights
  • Cookie that might be fried at a fair
  • Frozen cubes
  • Beloved
  • Downward dog, e.g.
  • ___ by (barely manage)
  • Mina Kimes’ channel