USA Today January 23 2021 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers January 23 2021

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  • What some phone keyboards contain
  • Nation in western New York
  • Watch a friend’s feline
  • Blueprint detail, for short
  • Stuff from a volcano
  • Sasha Fierce, for Beyonce, e.g.
  • ___ of the ball
  • Like does
  • French friend
  • Chased on foot
  • French tire maker
  • Scent sensor
  • Head of the pack
  • Resident of Baghdad or Basra
  • Prohibit
  • Often groanworthy joke
  • “Cool trick, huh?”
  • Lose fur
  • Get off ___-free
  • Get less firm
  • Instrument for Ahya Simone
  • Ren Faire competitors on charging horses
  • Plant in many balms
  • Main color of the Turkish and Tunisian flags
  • Remove condensation from
  • Shape with four right angles
  • Glue with a bull mascot
  • Big watery expanse
  • Horse gait
  • Blob under a biology class microscope
  • Halted temporarily
  • Gooey breakfast condiment
  • Place to sweat
  • Tolerate
  • In its current state
  • Meshy traps
  • Protein sourceend
  • Key near a tilde
  • Slice of tofu
  • Place for agriculture
  • Not nice
  • Lacking color
  • Correspondence from podcast listeners
  • “You might be ___ something!”
  • Anagram of “vile”
  • Cut very finely
  • “Dark Angel” star
  • “Figured it out!”
  • More frosty
  • Marine mammal
  • Nourished
  • Exam with a score range of 400 to 1600
  • Fitting
  • Snuggle
  • Food with acorn and spaghetti varieties
  • ___ to the throne
  • Prime minister elected in 2017
  • Song sung alone
  • “You’re right”
  • “Air” or “scare” punctuation
  • Many a fillable document
  • Unfilled space
  • Function
  • “Don’t settle for ___!”
  • “I would have voted for ___ for a third term if I could” (“Get Out” line)
  • Off-road transport, for short
  • Writer of seven autobiographies
  • American Indians in Children’s Literature founder Debbie
  • Trick
  • Ginger ___ (fountain drinks)
  • Trial’s partner
  • Gigawatt, e.g.
  • Hotel garment
  • States
  • “No thanks”
  • ___ thai