USA Today July 1 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers July 1 2022

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  • Sound made to get someone’s attention
  • Not manual
  • “Count me in!”
  • Hashtag for an unretouched photo
  • Droop
  • Mars or Venus
  • Red Muppet
  • Gives a new color
  • “Come again?”
  • Publicly
  • The ___ of Hope (MLK Memorial statue)
  • Made a rip in
  • “I ___ with my little eye . . .”
  • Defrosts
  • Abel’s older brother
  • Genetic molecule
  • Raise the ___
  • Speed setting on a bike
  • Intuitive feeling
  • Computer key for exiting
  • ___ packages
  • “I feel seen!”
  • Not defy
  • When a plane is supposed to leave (Abbr.)
  • Odin or Oshun
  • Couple buying a crib
  • Word shouted to startle someone
  • Scratch card game
  • Yahtzee cube
  • Nest egg options
  • Hansel’s sister
  • College reunion attendees
  • Smiljan-born inventor Nikola
  • Softest mineral
  • “Hold ___ your butts”
  • One-third of a yard
  • Hammer or wrench
  • Uses needle and thread
  • Fuel in a tank
  • “Pastrami on ___: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli”
  • “I’m down”end
  • Total hassle
  • Drove too fast
  • Has people over
  • Japanese sport
  • Friend in a fight
  • “High five!”
  • Double ___ Oreo
  • Branch of math concerned with decision-making
  • Subject
  • Have a snack
  • Mother, in Igbo
  • Burst of bright light
  • Willing and ___
  • Became an obstacle
  • ___ Slam (tennis achievement)
  • Former Eurasian superpower
  • Eggs in some poke bowls
  • Duo
  • Abbreviation whose N stands for “non”
  • Money owed
  • Gallery material
  • Group of similar voters
  • ___ in (completely focused)
  • Opportune time for selfies, perhaps
  • Horse gait
  • The path of ___ resistance
  • Casual top
  • Tahu gejrot ingredient
  • Pieces of data
  • Study of food and culture
  • Relative of the bassoon
  • Narrow passageway
  • Shade of a color
  • ___ out the candles
  • Kinsey ___ (sexual orientation metric)
  • “King of Soul” Redding
  • Long sea creatures