USA Today June 24 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers June 24 2022

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  • Creamy soup
  • Quantity
  • Belgian chocolate brand
  • Prickly pear plants
  • To no ___ (unsuccessfully)
  • “I was ___ at night, but not last night”
  • Conference giveaways
  • Like some baking chocolate
  • Pillar of smoke
  • Luxury watch brand
  • Frying liquid
  • Put into practice
  • Vietnamese holiday
  • “We want to know!”
  • Mathematician Terence
  • “The ___ Duckling”
  • Chimpanzee, for example
  • The L in UNLV
  • Evergreen tree type
  • Barista’s creation
  • So far
  • Iowa’s capital
  • ___ Instant Messenger
  • Became more appealing to
  • Pop ___ (surprise test)
  • Successful move in Battleship
  • Car minus the “uar”
  • Pop singer Rita
  • Key above ~
  • Type of printer
  • Cold period
  • Rabbi’s speech
  • “All things being ___ . . .”
  • Popped like a bubble
  • Destroy like documents
  • Words of farewell
  • More than just have a hunch
  • Ripped
  • Letters on some lotions
  • “I figured it out!”
  • ___TV (cable channel)end
  • Tote or backpack
  • Taxis
  • Brussels ___
  • “if u ask me”
  • Declare
  • Kidlit character with a pet turtle named Skipperdee
  • Rolls of grass
  • “Flashdance . . . What a Feeling” singer Irene
  • “Business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle
  • End of the workday
  • Show for the first time
  • The A in AVEN
  • Abbreviation in a bibliography
  • Go with the ___
  • Number on a transcript
  • Golfer Ko
  • Birds with a “bald” species
  • Field of study that challenges heteronormativity
  • Ren fair competitions
  • Song’s name
  • The Grand Canyon State, on scoreboards
  • Apt rhyme for “greet”
  • Nintendo consoles
  • Pavilions in parks
  • Light fixture attached to a wall
  • Fast problem-solver
  • Planet with dusty rings
  • One of the White House Trio in “Red, White & Royal Blue”
  • Fruit spread
  • Sentence section
  • Nabisco cookie
  • Sense of self-importance
  • Unsuccessful serves in tennis
  • Marries
  • Square root of 1