USA Today March 15 2019 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers March 15 2019

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  • Abrupt turns
  • Reply to “Are you hurt?”
  • Conservative Brit
  • Kyle’s brother on “South Park”
  • Unlike a toadstool
  • Calvin Klein ad figure
  • Nest egg letters
  • Bath powder mineral
  • Dark rock genre
  • Cookie with a Kettle Corn variety
  • Realize, as profits
  • Orange tubers
  • One of the singing Carpenters
  • Speak boastfully of
  • High in the 19-Across
  • 29-Across creation
  • Fourth letter of “fruit”
  • Poles with riggings
  • Cancel, as a launch
  • A nephew of Donald Duck
  • Take a hammock break
  • What an earthquake may wreak
  • Napoleon, twice
  • Used an emery board
  • Sticks with chalked tips
  • Environment-friendly
  • Involuntary twitch
  • Word after boiling or breaking
  • Once in a blue moon
  • “Keep Climbing” airline
  • Movie with a fearsome fish
  • Courage Award namesake
  • Kid-lit author Silverstein
  • Easter hunt finds
  • Sign of spoilage
  • Disturb the composure of
  • See 60-Down
  • “That’s stunning!”
  • With “and” and 56-Down, tide’s movementend
  • Tubular pasta
  • Put forth
  • Like slasher movies
  • Out of control
  • Nick Jr.’s explorer
  • “M*A*S*H” land
  • “Empire” novelist
  • Elite squad
  • Sunroof view
  • First bearded prez
  • Servers at Sonic restaurants
  • Scavenging birds
  • “Aloha!” sayer’s gift
  • Danson’s “Cheers” role
  • Competitive cooking show
  • Give or take
  • Treble or bass symbol
  • Calf-covering dress style
  • Like Lemonhead candy
  • Wake-up call receiver
  • Villainous doings
  • Barber’s quickie
  • Squatter’s nonpayment
  • Picked pockets, perhaps
  • Toughest to climb
  • Placed at intervals
  • Nail site
  • As good as it gets
  • “Aladdin” princess
  • Ernie of the PGA
  • Insect repellent brand
  • Pallid-looking
  • Olympian’s dream
  • Honey Smacks grain
  • ___ guy (reliable one)
  • Incompetent sort
  • Bearish investor’s order
  • Put-up job
  • Witch’s concoction