USA Today March 30 2023 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers March 30 2023

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  • Two-dot marks
  • Pop back up
  • Cherry on top, but bad
  • Kinship groups
  • Challenging
  • “Six of ___, half a dozen of the other”
  • Surface for skating
  • Not worry
  • Bit of paprika
  • Just at the right moment
  • Sounds from a bird’s nest
  • Climate justice activist Thunberg
  • Negotiations that might result in a treaty
  • Blue sections on maps
  • Taken off the board
  • Have another go at
  • Eyelash tool
  • “The Last of Us” star ___ Pascal
  • Bested in a hot dog contest
  • Gets on the board
  • Seeds on burger buns
  • Dessert spot with key lime and coconut custard
  • Beer maker
  • First word of the second-largest city in California
  • Have ambitions
  • First planet alphabetically
  • Extra tire
  • Camera brand
  • Let someone else decide
  • Money execs
  • Versatile cards in blackjack
  • Extra periods, for short
  • Be the right size
  • Ehlers-Danlos, for shortend
  •, for example
  • Singing group with robes
  • Fizzy drink
  • “___ culpa”
  • Quick look
  • Tree with cones
  • First word of the largest city in Nevada
  • “Work the Walls” go-go band
  • Fitting
  • To the bitter ___
  • Item on a saucer
  • Gets to
  • Gets to
  • Prefix meaning “four”
  • Stop
  • Tegan and ___
  • ___ up with (tolerates)
  • Gently throw
  • Topping for cheesecake or Peach Melba
  • “___ enough . . .”
  • They sing lower than sopranos
  • John ___ tractors
  • Capital of Turkey
  • Upper-left keyboard key
  • Weapons that are one of the four suits in tarot
  • Cherry discard
  • ___ Software Foundation, subject of a Natives in Tech name-change campaign in 2023
  • Government org. with a flower logo
  • Suffix for “legal”
  • Tried to take a seat
  • Girl Scout group
  • Having multiple levels, like a cake or a pricing system
  • Cluckers in coops
  • “I can’t ___ this enough . . .”